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Resume writing services kelowna

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BDSM and Healing for Survivors of Sexual Assault. 2010 Pandora’s Aquarium. I think, first off, it is resume writing services important for me to be open and say that BDSM is not something that I am an expert in, or even something that I know a whole lot about. I researched this subject as I was interested in why so many survivors seem to online book reports students participate in resume kelowna, the BDSM scene - and why so many survivors claim that BDSM is healing for b120 tma02, them. Therefore, I apologise if some of the terminology I use is resume services incorrect, but this article stems from a review of the information I could find on BDSM and healing rather than any personal knowledge. Please also note that this review is not intended to be a conclusive report on BDSM, but instead is intended to highlight some of the ways that BDSM can be deemed therapeutic for survivors if conducted within a safe, respectful and loving relationship. 4th Grade Math Problems Worksheets? BDSM is derived from the terms bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. In very simple terms, BDSM is services kelowna a type of lifestyle that individuals choose to book students participate in where power (and sometimes pain) are utilized to writing create pleasure, tension and release.

In a typical relationship there will be a Dom (Dominant) and a Sub (Submissive) who will consent to engage in an openly acknowledged power game. A survivor may adopt either the Dom or Sub role - and many testify that both roles can be therapeutic. Obviously, as survivors, we have experienced situations during our lives where we have had control taken away from us by someone wielding more power at that time - and binding oxford then they have abused this power and hurt us in ways that no one should every experience. When survivors take on services kelowna, the submissive player in 4th grade math word worksheets, the partnership, on the surface, it could be argued that they are recreating the abusive experience by having the power taken away from resume services kelowna them and being subjected to pain, humiliation, violence etc. Essay? - which could obviously be re-traumatising. Writing Services? However, in a properly controlled BDSM relationship, the submissive does have most of the power because they are the ones who are involved in stating beforehand what is permissible, how far it is okay for the Dom to go, and when to use the rich essay safe word to stop any further action. Where their is a properly established understanding and trust between the Sub and the Dom, the Sub is writing services kelowna able to recreate being submissive, but in a situation where they remain safe and in thesis, control of resume what does and b120 essay does not happen to writing services kelowna them. Therefore, it goes without saying, that for a survivor of sexual violence, having this type of control in a sexual / intimate situation can potentially be empowering and therefore ultimately healing because they are essentially re-writing the script.

Similarly, some survivors adopt the dominant role as a means to feeling that they are now in control. It goes without saying that many survivors also experience difficulty when engaged in intimate activities which result in sensual / sexual pleasure. Some of us feel guilty for feeling aroused. feeling it is somehow wrong or dirty. Others of us experience heightened flashbacks or body memories when aroused. Others of us simply find we cannot become aroused - or avoid intimate situations altogether because we cannot deal with the feelings it may throw up in us. Thesis? Some survivors involved in writing services, BDSM disclose that they have found the use of pain to help them experience sexual pleasure which is non-triggering and safe. Another potentially healing aspect associated with BDSM is the ability to express repressed anger in for thesis, a safe way. During abuse / sexual assault, many of us were put into resume writing services kelowna situations were we were not able to for thesis express how we felt about what was being done to resume writing kelowna us. Thesis Binding Oxford? Many of us have expressed regret because we've felt that we did not fight hard enough, or that we did not show how angry we were at being violated - because it wasn't safe to do so. I know that I, for one, at the time of the abuse, would switch off and disengage as much as possible - and writing kelowna so the anger was repressed and lay dormant for a considerable time.

In a correctly controlled BDSM relationship, the ethical issue abortion essay Sub again can find themselves in a situation where they are being dominated - but this time, they may be able to express their anger at what is writing kelowna happening to them. and therefore releasing some of that repressed anger. In this respect, this situation can also result in a re-writing of the script and thesis binding oxford help us to re-establish control. Essentially, this situation can allow the survivor to express their anger in a situation where they deem it to be permissible and understandable - as well as ensuring there is someone there that can bear witness to their anger so that it is no longer hidden from everyone. Writing? In this respect, expression of secondary research this pent up anger about what was done to us can help us to resume break the silence which many of us have found ourselves trapped in. The opportunity to express and release anger can be a very cathartic experience and thesis oxford can free us up to deal with some of the other issues that the abuse /assault legacy has left us with. Obviously, for most survivors, our sense of trust has been desecrated and, particularly in intimate relationships, we can struggle with establishing trust and a sense of safety. A successful BDSM relationship is built on the concept of trust and on the mantra of Safety, Consensuality and resume writing services Mutuality - and therefore, for online reports students, survivors, being embroiled in a relationship where these concepts are highly respected can be a positive experience.

In a safe and loving BDSM relationship, partners talk about guidelines and rules regarding their sexual play in a way that many people in non-BDSM relationships do not. For example, BDSM partners are more likely (because of the nature of their relationship) to talk about what what the limits of their play are - and to establish a safe word which will immediately stop any further play. Survivors can find it therapeutic to be involved in a relationship that has such rigid guidelines as, as long as these guidelines and rules are adhered to, it can lead to an increased sense of trust between partners, as well as an resume kelowna, increased sense of for thesis trust in themselves and the world around them. Lastly, some survivors within the resume writing kelowna BDSM community, choose to adorn their body with piercings and tattoos etc. - and this has very much become an image associated within the overt BDSM community. Secondary Research? Many of these survivors talk about how these adornments increase their sense of personal ownership of their body because they are choosing what to do to it and resume writing when. Some have reported that, in particular, genital piercings can help them feel that their genitals now belong only to themselves, and that feeling a piercing can allow them to feel some sort of connection with these body areas, rather than a general dissociation.

Obviously, sexual abuse and assault can result in the feeling that our body has been violated, and tma02 essay certainly in cases where abuse is over a long time, we can actually feel that our body doesn't infact belong to us anymore! Therefore, any action which helps us to services feel that our body is ours and ours alone, can be a very therapeutic and positive experience. This article is copyrighted and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. If you wish to use this article online or in research for thesis, print, please contact us to request permission. all rights reserved. 3109 W. 50th Street, Suite #320. Minneapolis, MN 55410. and sexual abuse. No services are intended to be a substitute for kelowna, professional assistance.

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?Gram Negative Unknown Lab Report Essay Sample. The Unknown Gram Negative bacterium inoculated in a Tryptic Soy broth medium was randomly selected from resume, a group of other unknowns. B120 Tma02 Essay. In order to services, identify this unknown the seven different types of biochemical tests will be conducted on this unknown bacterium to identify it out of rich, 6 possible bacteria; Escherichia coli(E. coli), Enterobacter aerogenes (E.aerogenes), Klebsiella pneumoniae (K.pneumoniae), Proteus mirabilis(P.miranilis), Pseudomonas aeruginosa(P.aeruginosa), and Salmonella typhimurium (S.typhimurium). The biochemical tests utilized were; Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSIA) test, Sulfur Indole Motility (SIM) test, Methyl red test and Voges-Proskauer (MR-VP) test, Citrate test, Urea test, and Gelatin test. After conducting each of these tests, the unknown bacteria number 24 was concluded to be Proteus mirabilis. Introduction. This probe purpose was to help identify an unknown gram negative bacterium, distributed by our TA instructor. It is relatively important to identify unknown organisms, those that are unidentified can certainly be harmful and have the potential to cause harm to resume writing, the public. The use for these several test experiments are very important, mainly because it aids in the identification of unknown and potentially harmful organisms, Along with reflecting how well an organism can grow or react in rich, certain environments.

The T-streak procedure for isolation of unknown was conducted before identifying the morphological properties. Kelowna. A T-streak is oxford, performed to isolate bacteria over three regions of a Tryptic Soy Agar plate (TSA), into single colonies that are able to be inoculated for biochemical tests. It is in the third quadrant of the TSA plate is where a pure culture can be found and used for resume services, the biochemical tests. As stated in the lab manual, that there are six possible unknown bacteria. The T- streak isolation method will make sure there is no contamination in the unknown. The bacteria being utilized in this experimentation will be unknown gram negative bacterium number 22 that had been inoculated in a Tryptic Soy Broth.

After receiving the unknown number 22, it was gram stained to be assured that the bacteria being utilized was indeed gram-negative. The purpose of the gram stain was to be used to identify the morphological characteristics of the issue abortion essay, unknown. The gram stain is a differential stain that utilizes a primary stain of crystal violet (i.e. a purple dye), iodine, alcohol decolorization, and safranin (i.e. a tinted red dye); used as counterstain. Standard results of resume writing services, a proper gram stain would show a bacterium to be gram positive if purple, and gram negative if pink. The results from the Gram Stain of unknown number 24 showed that unknown number 24 has bacillus shaped cell morphology, holding a dark-pink color confirming it to be a gram negative organism indeed. In both gram-positive and gram-negative the and poor, cell walls house peptidoglycan, which is a blend of carbohydrates and resume writing kelowna amino-acids. Gram negative bacteria cell walls have a thin peptidoglycan layer, in which an ample amount of lipids cross throughout the peptidoglycan and cell membrane. During the gram stain, lipids are prevalent in the gram negative bacteria are usually transparent as a result of the alcohol decolorizing agent. This allows the peptidoglycan of gram negative bacteria to retain the counterstain safranin (Leboffe Pierce, 105)

Specific biochemical tests where implemented to follow, after the gram stain found unknown number 24 to be gram negative. Thesis Binding. These tests include a Triple Sugar Iron Agar (TSIA) test that uses a rich media that separates bacteria by the fermentation of Lactose, Sucrose, and Glucose, and have the capacity to reduce sulfur (Leboffe Pierce 206). The objective of the test is to show if the unknown could exploit the writing services, carbohydrates in the medium to rich essay, ferment into gas or reduce the sulfur. Any bacteria that possess the ability to resume writing, ferment glucose and lactose will also turn the medium yellow throughout (Leboffe and Pierce 206). The absence of fermentation, the online book reports, entire slant will be red which means that peptone was catabolized both aerobically and anaerobically which produced products that are alkaline. The presence of kelowna, any sort of black coloring on the slant indicates hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Any kind of air bubbles is an secondary research, indication that there was gas production. The sulfur indole motility (SIM) test, determines if bacteria can produce sulfur and indole from tryptophan, and services if they are motile, meaning they are flagellated and have the ability to move.

Casein and animal tissue are used as sources of amino acids. B120. Sulfur is in the form of thiosulfate and there is also an iron-containing compound. There are two ways in which bacteria can reduce sulfur to writing services kelowna, hydrogen sulfide: if the enzyme cysteine desulfurase is present cysteine will be catalyzed to pyruvate and if the enzyme thiosulfate reductase is present sulfur will be catalyzed at the end of the thesis binding, electron transport chain (Leboffe Pierce 202-205). Similar to the TSIA test, a black coloring within the medium it is an resume, indicator of sulfur reduction. To determine if the tma02, bacteria produces indole, Kovacs’ reagent was added to the SIM test shortly after incubation.

If the layer where the Kovacs’ reagent was added turns red, this indicates that the resume, organism being tested is an indole producer. This is possible because the casein and animal protein contain tryptophan in which under the presence of ethical abortion, a bacteria carrying the resume kelowna, enzyme tryptophanse, tryptophan can be hydrolyzed to pyruvate, ammonia, and indole (Leboffe Pierce 203). Singer And Poor. Motility is resume kelowna, determined by simply examining if there is any radiating growth from a stab line after stab inoculating the oxford, bacteria with an inoculating needle. The Methyl Red (MR) test determines if bacteria are able to perform mixed acid fermentation. Methyl red is a combination medium containing peptone, glucose, and a phosphate buffer in services kelowna, the form of potassium phosphate. Book. In order to resume services, find out if bacteria are capable of mixed acid fermentation, methyl red indicator dye is added after incubation of the broth. Methyl red is red at pH 4.4 and yellow at pH 6.2. Between these two pH values, it is various shades of orange (Leboffe and tma02 essay Pierce 161). Any other color produced other than red means the organism is not capable of mixed acid fermentation.

The Voges-Proskauer (VP) test is conducted using a similar broth of that used in the methyl red test. Writing Services. Both methyl red and Voges-Proskauer make up a combination medium. The Voges-Proskauer test was designed for organisms that are able to ferment glucose, but quickly convert their acid products to 4th grade problems, acetoin and 2,3-butandiol (Leboffe and Pierce 161). After incubation, the Vogues Proskauer reagent A and writing services reagent B are added to the broth. VP broth changes colors due to the oxidizing of 4th grade worksheets, reagents the writing services kelowna, acetoin to diacetyl which react with guanidine nuclei that turns the thesis oxford, broth red if it is writing services kelowna, positive.

If the color of the broth turns red, this means it is singer and poor essay, a positive result, and if there is no color change at all or the color is resume writing kelowna, copper, this is an rich and poor, indication of a negative result. The citrate test determines if a bacterium possess citrate-permease as citrate is the only source of carbon in the medium. Resume. The medium used in this test is the abortion, Simmons Citrate Agar, which is a type of utilization media. Utilization media are highly defined formulations designed to differentiate organisms based on resume services kelowna their ability to grown when an essential nutrient is strictly limited (Leboffe and reports Pierce 175). If bacteria have the enzyme citrate-permease they can transport molecules that will be converted to pyruvate within the cell. Once the molecules are converted to pyruvate many products can be made all depending on the pH of the environment. The actual Simmons Citrate Agar has sodium citrate as the carbon source and ammonium phosphate as the nitrogen source. Resume Kelowna. In order to tell whether or not an research for thesis, organism tests positive for citrate utilization, Bromthymol blue dye is added to the agar. If the pH is above 7.6, then the resume, dye will be blue which is indicative of ethical issue, a positive test result.

If there is writing services, no color change, meaning the Simmons Citrate slant stayed green after incubation, there a negative result meaning citrate is not utilized. The urea hydrolysis test determines which organisms are able or unable to hydrolyze urea with the enzyme urease. The urea hydrolysis test can yield four possible results: rapid urease-strong urease production-positive, slow urease-weak urease production- weak positive, and urease absent-no urease hydrolysis-negative bacteria. The actual broth is made with urea, peptone, potassium phosphate, glucose, and phenol red. Within the urea broth all of the essential nutrients that bacteria would need are provided by peptone and glucose and thesis binding oxford the potassium phosphate is used as a mild buffer that resists alkalinization due to peptone metabolism. Writing. A positive urease bacteria will turn the broth pink in approximately 24 hours to 6 days for a rapid urease-positive organism and can take up to secondary research for thesis, 8 days for a slow urease-positive organism. Urea hydrolysis to ammonia by urease-positive organisms will overcome the buffer in the medium and change it from orange to pink (Leboffe and Pierce 187). The gelatin hydrolysis test determines if bacteria have the ability to produce gelatinases.

Some microorganisms that are able to hydrolyze gelatin secrete the enzymes known as gelatinases, which break down gelatin (Leboffe Pierce 192). A simple test medium known as nutrient gelatin was used to determine if a certain bacterium can produce gelatinases. Resume. Nutrient gelatin is research, made up of gelatin, peptone, and beef extract. A point worth noting is that nutrient gelatin is very different when compared to other media because the actual solidifying agent is also the substrate (Leboffe Pierce 192). There are two possible results yielded from this test: a gelatinase-positive organism which breaks down the Gelatin medium into liquid, and a gelatinase-negative organism that does not liquefy the medium therefore meaning that it does not secrete gelatinases. Resume. The gelatin-hydroylsis test needs approximately a week long incubation period to accurately record results. Methods. In order to determine what unknown bacteria number 25 was, many biochemical tests as well as a gram-stain was performed.

All aseptic techniques were carefully followed with each experiment. Online Reports. Before any tests could be performed the services, bacteria had to be isolated into a pure colony. This was achieved by rich and poor essay, a T-streak. Biochemical tests were started and incubated, after the T-streak results showed no contamination or mixture of resume writing, organisms, for 24 hours in a hot room of 37 degrees celcius. All of the bacteria that were used in issue, the biochemical tests came from the TSA plate used to T-streak unknown number 25. In order to determine the morphology of the bacteria a gram-stain followed the T-streak. Yielding results that showed the unknown number 25 to resume writing services kelowna, be a gram negative bacillus. After identifying the morphology of the bacteria, the biochemical tests came next.

The TSIA test was performed by math word worksheets, obtaining a sample of bacteria from the T-streak plate with an inoculating needle.. The needle was flamed and resume then a sample from the Streak plate was gathered, and then inoculated by stabbing the agar butt and worksheets then streaking the slant. The TSIA slant was then incubated for 24 hours in a hot room of 37 degrees Celsius, shortly after proper incubation. The SIM test was performed by stab inoculating the writing, provided SIM tube. The needle was flamed and binding oxford bacteria samples were collected from the streak plate containing the unknown. The stab-inoculation method followed and the needl was inserted only within 1cm of the bottom of the resume kelowna, SIM tube, shortly afterwards inoculation a 24 hours incubation period in a hot room of 37 degrees Celsius. The MR and VP tests were performed by inoculating the MR and VP tubes with the thesis, pure culture of writing kelowna, unknown number 25.

Using a flamed inoculating loop, the pure culture of unknown number 25 was added to the MR and VP tubes. Afterwards the proper reagents were added to each tube. Three drops of methyl red reagent were added to the methyl red tube where the 4th grade math word, results were observed immediately and properly recorded. Fifteen drops of resume writing kelowna, VP reagent A were added to the VP tube and mixed properly. And Poor Essay. Then five drops of services, VP reagent B were added and mixed properly. The VP tube was observed 10 minutes, and research results were recorded.

The citrate test was performed by streaking a Simmons Citrate slant with an inoculating loop. The loop was flamed and a collection of resume writing services kelowna, bacteria from the pure culture of unknown number 25 followed. The citrate slant was then inoculated by lightly moving the tube in a swivel pattern to help the loop not touch the walls of the container. The Citrate slant was then incubated for 48 hours in a hot room of 37 degrees Celsius. Observations of secondary for thesis, any change or growth were properly recoded afterwards. The urea hydrolysis test was performed by inoculating the urea broth with a hefty amount of pure colonies from the streak plate. An inoculating loop was used for proper inoculation of the bacteria. After properly inoculating the urea broth with the unknown bacteria, the urea broth tube was incubated for 24 hours in resume writing services kelowna, a hot room of 37 degrees Celsius, they were checked after 24 hours and then incubated again for book reports students, several more days to get proper results from the resume writing, test. Any observation of color change were recorded. The gelatin hydrolysis test was performed by stab-inoculating a tube of Nutrient Gelatin tube with an inoculating needle.

An incubation period of a week in the hot room of 37 degrees Celsius. After the week long incubation the Nutrient Gelatin tube was placed in the cold room for one hour to allow it to solidify. The nutrient gelatin tube was taken out and poor, of the cold room and carefully observed for any melting or liquefaction. Resume Writing. Any observations were then recorded. Results. After conducting the TSIA test, it was observed that the slant had turned a yellow and secondary had a yellow butt. This proves that unknown number 25 is a fermenter of resume writing services, glucose, lactose and possibly sucrose. Also the bottom of the slant had crack and abrasions in it, signifying that there was also gas production.

There was no black precipitate in the TSIA slant, proving that the thesis, unknown organism does not reduce sulfur. After the writing, SIM test, it was observed that no black coloring had come about the medium, further showing that the unknown number 25 does not reduce sulfur. Tma02. When testing for indole production the Kovac’s reagent was added to the medium and there was a production of resume services, a red precipitate at the top of the medium after a few minutes proving this organism ability to produce indole. The results of the motility test were easiest to determine. The organisms showed weak motility, proving that the unknown organism was flagellated and can produce movement. After conducting the MR test it was confirmed that the unknown bacteria tested positive. After five drops of the methyl red reagent were added a red color began to form which was an immediate indication of a positive test. This positive test means that the unknown bacteria is capable of performing mixed acid fermentation.

The Voges-Proskauer test came back with a negative result. After adding 15 drops of online reports students, VP reagent A and 5 drops of VP reagent B there was no color changes evident and were observed for 10 minutes. Writing Services Kelowna. This negative result indicated that unknown bacteria 25 did not produce any acetoin and was not a fermenter of 2,3-buteandiol. The citrate test showed a negative result with no color change or growth of the unknown bacterium. This proves that the unknown number 25 did not utilize the citrate in thesis oxford, the medium, also meaning the resume services kelowna, unknown did not posses citrate-permease, which is necessary to transport the molecules of the bacteria into the cell converting it to pyruvate (Leboff Pierce 175).With Escherichia coli being the only bacteria that had a negative result for this test, for the remaining of the lab report the unknown will be simply referred to as E.coli. After 8 days of word problems worksheets, incubation time in a 37°C hot room the Urea test show a negative result of no color change. This proves the inability of resume writing kelowna, E.coli to hydrolyze urea, and possibly does not produce urease. The Gelatin test also yielded a negative result.

The gelatin medium did not breakdown obviously showing that E.coli does not have or produce Gelatinase. This experiment required many different biochemical tests to be conducted for a few reasons; the first being to identify which bacteria was the one that was randomly selected and secondly for educational purposes so that students will become familiar and gain experience about the different types of media and laboratory techniques. The unknown bacteria which I selected was number 25. Rich And Poor Essay. The citrate test truly helped confirm that the unknown bacteria 25 was in fact Escherichia coli. After these experimentation my original guess was correct in saying I believed the unknown bacteria I had was E.coli, and indeed it was. E.coli is a member of the Enterobacteriaceae family which is also where Salmonella typhinurium is also classified.

E.coli lives in the intestines of humans and can cause many infections ranging in severity. It doesn’t even require any growth factors, and can synthesize all essential purines, pyrimidines, amino acids and vitamins, starting with their carbon source, as part of their own intermediary metabolism (Todar). I was nervous about working with E.coli and resume writing kelowna bacteria because in general before starting this lab because of some of the symptoms they can cause. Especially intestinal swelling (MedLineplus). Even with that stated I have grown to book, enjoy this experiment and have learned so much valuable information that will benefit me in my nursing career. Todar, Kenneth. “Nutrition and growth of Bacteria.” Online Textbook of Bacteriology. Web. 30 Mar.

2012. . Leboffe, M. J. and B.E. Pierce. 2010. Microbiology Laboratory Theory and Application. 3rd ed. Morton Publishing Company. “E. Coli Enteritis.” Medline Plus (n.d.): n. Resume Services Kelowna. pag. 10 Jan. 2011.

Web. Book Reports Students. 28 Mar. 2013. Is this the perfect essay for services kelowna, you? Save time and online reports order ?Gram Negative Unknown Lab Report. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and writing kelowna quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for singer essay, ?Gram Negative Unknown Lab Report.

The purpose of this report is to use different tests to writing, discover what bacteria is the unknown. This is secondary research, important because we need to know what test need to resume writing services, be… ?Microbiology Case Study. INTRODUCTION Microorganisms cause a great amount of diseases. For healthcare providers it is very important to be aware of what organisms are pathogenic and cause a disease and, therefore, to… Methane red is an indicator of a bacteria metabolizes glucose. Secondary Research For Thesis. When bacteria metabolize glucose there is a drop in the ph of the broth, when the resume writing, ph of the incubated… Contraceptives Should Be Offered In Schools. The following tests will record positive (+) reactions or negative (?) reactions to fructose, sucrose, cellulose, starch, lactose and an unknown carbohydrate. Observations and Results Report your test results in… The following tests will record positive (+) reactions or negative (?) reactions to fructose, sucrose, cellulose, starch, lactose and an unknown carbohydrate. Observations and Results Report your test results in…

Medicinal Microbiology Lab Report. Many infectious diseases caused by infectious agents, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, have plagued human existence. Thus the identification of bacteria becomes all the more important in the search…

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moulin rouge essay THE BUZZ STARTS HERE page two of an essay aabout the film Moulin Rouge by Michael F. Nyiri. First Impressions behind the Red Velvet Curtain of the 'Moulin Rouge' When the film was released, There was a lot written about Luhrmann's reworking of the musical form, and whether what he did with the music in Moulin Rouge was artistic, relevant, or absurd. I can remember seeing the preview for resume services, the first time. What seemed absurd, of course, is seeing images which were from 1900 Paris, and hearing Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend and the Police's Roxanne on the soundtrack. This is the best example I can think of ethical issue abortion essay, where the sounds and images in the preview, designed to promote the movie and get people in the theater, could be totally taken out of context, and cast a negative light on the movie itself before it opens.

After seeing the film, the resume writing kelowna musical choices make perfect sense. B120! My first impression of the film, one I already wanted to see, was negative because of resume writing, this and the many articles decrying the practice of using modern songs in essay, a period setting. Writing! The only thing seemingly revolutionary about the music in Moulin Rouge is that the songs are already cultural references, and when they are heard in the preview, out of context, they make no sense. Roxanne, particularly, which was a big hit not too long ago. The already forgotten Knight's Tale came out a few weeks before Rouge, and since critics see so many movies,and it was still in their consciousness, they compared both and wrote about the habit of using modern songs in period movies. Issue Essay! In Knight this was a bad idea. In Moulin Rouge it is inspired and resume inspiring. Rouge doesn't use modern songs insomuch as it uses popular music for it's libretto. B120 Tma02! This is a convention as old as movie musicals.

The entire movie title Singing in the Rain as anybody who's ever seen That's Entertainment can tell you, was used not only in MGM's oscar winning Broadway Melody in 1930 but in other MGM musicals for years before it became the title of a movie. In modern times, movie titles borrow popular song titles, and movies, songs, and music have always been intertwined. When radio was the television of the resume services kelowna day, popular music often originated with the movies. Using Roxanne or Your Song in Rouge is secondary research for thesis, brilliant. The reference of the already known song, when inserted into an already touching scene, enhances the emotion and the overall effect to the audience.

Music, the universal language, the soundtrack for our lives is resume, used in an artistic way to define, enhance, and advance the action. I saw the film the ethical abortion essay weekend it opened, and it immediately became my choice for Best Picture, and I thought Luhrmann was a genius. I couldn't understand why critics were saying You'll either love it or hate it, unless they were the type who didn't like musicals in resume writing services kelowna, the first place, and even then I just don't see how they couldn't be moved. Obviously I loved it. Binding! Normally, I don't like the rampant overuse of the tricks editors do with the Avid editor.

The bag of tricks, when used heavily seems like the services digital equivalent of flash and sizzle instead of substance and steak. Rouge employs the thesis binding whole bag, and this was poised to bother me. Resume Writing Services! All the normally cringe-inducing digital special effects, and CGI model shots, when used, and they are used heavily, not only belong in Moulin Rouge but the movie couldn't have been made without them. I always predict that computing power and digital imaging will someday allow all creative types the means by which to 4th grade math word problems worksheets, create movies, and Baz Luhrmann has, I believe, with this film, given us a benchmark for a new digitally created artform. The production design alone is services kelowna, worth the price of singer rich, admission. Resume Services Kelowna! Even the critics who didn't want to understand the film, or just didn't like musicals praised the production design.

Costumes, editing, the psychedelic world of math word, Paris at writing, the turn of the last century is perfectly, stylistically and artistically portrayed. The movie is 4th grade problems, a trip. I never hesitate to bring up my drug-addled youth, and the psychedelic atmosphere (thematically represented by the character's use of absinthe and opium) is perfection as well, reminding me of all the positive colorful acid trips I've taken. Luhrmann has said (the DVD tells the viewer everything you ever wanted to know about the creation of the film) that the kinetic energy permeating the proceedings, and the manic way in resume kelowna, which the film is cut, serve to propel the viewer into the nightclub itself. This is astoundingly well done, but the effect makes some of the subtler points get lost in the explosion of artistic creativity behind the red velvet curtain. It moved too fast in 4th grade math word worksheets, the theater, but it's out again, and after watching the DVD, I'm ready to go back and visit it on the big screen.

The DVD is probably the best ever mastered, and is sure to be a hit, and a classic, but you owe it to yourself to see this on a sixty foot screen. And you owe it to yourself to see it at LEAST twice. The Second Time Around I always intended the ElectricMovies site to kelowna, include a second time around section, where I would revisit a given reviewed film and talk about my second impression. Ethical Issue! A great film only gets better. I can still watch Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Titanic, or Pinnochio and writing services kelowna gain new insights each time.

I usually catch each of the b120 essay above mentioned films at least once a year on my home theater. When Citizen Kane was released earlier this year, the transfer was so much better than all the other versions I have that it was almost like seeing the resume services kelowna film again for the first time. My roommate doesn't understand my love of movies, and the simple pleasure which repeat viewings accord me. It was while watching Moulin Rouge at home, with the lights out, the DTS surround playing at fairly high levels, and issue essay the monitor tweaked further by using the THX certified tests included on the DVD, that I finalized my opinon that not only is this movie 2001's best, but a movie for resume services kelowna, the ages, sure to be written about by more astute critics than myself for thesis binding oxford, years to come. Resume Writing Services! I knew the film was vibrant and kinetic: on second viewing I really got to know the characters, and sunk head first into ethical abortion essay, the story, and the symbolism. Baz Luhrmann talks at length about the resume writing services kelowna symbolism, and the design of Moulin Rouge. The film's official website detailed the reasons and the history behind the film before it even came out. Even if the viewer doesn't know who Orpheus is, or why the bohos in research for thesis, the movie seem as if they could have sprung from the bohemian late sixties as easy as from Paris in 1900, the use of symbolism, recurring motifs, and the pure language of film, and the musical film in particular, enhance the movie as a whole. As I said, this is writing services kelowna, a multilayered film. The flash and math word fizz are the eye candy.

The deeper one goes, the services kelowna more times one sees the film, the more immersed he is in the plight of the human condition. Plot and Characterization The plot is 4th grade word worksheets, deceivingly simple, yet incredibly complex beneath the surface. To sum up, since I never like to discuss plot anyway for fear of ruining an audience moment, (Some of the more salient points are brought up in the musical number Come What May playing in the background of this page.) Moulin Rouge is a musical, and plots for kelowna, musicals are by tma02 essay, nature fairly simple. It is a story about love, and a celebration of the concepts so eloquently outlined by John Keats in the poem Ode to a Grecian Urn. Beauty is truth, truth beauty, That is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. The first character we meet is Toulouse Latrec (appropriately), who sings the first lines of the libretto introducing Christian, the main character.

John Lequizamo plays Latrec. Ewan McGregor, better than he's ever been on film, is Christian, who is introduced a broken man, still grieving over the loss of his great love, Satine (Nicole Kidman). He is attempting to write the story we are about to see, and as he types on resume services kelowna, his vintage Underwood, we are transported back to Paris at the turn of the b120 tma02 essay century, when he arrives, a penniless poet, in search of truth, beauty, freedom, and love. He takes a room across from the Moulin Rouge, the most celebrated nightclub of the time. He meets Latrec, who is rehearsing a play on the floor above his, when the lead actor in the play, a narcoleptic Argentinian, falls through the floor into his room. He steps in for the Argentinian, and resume kelowna astounds Latrec and his group of bohemian artists, by giving musical voice to the play, singing The Sound of Music.

In no time at all, he is an integral member of the Bohos. He visits the Rouge, run in full music hall bombast by Zidler, played by 4th grade problems, Jim Broadbent (Topsy-Turvey). He is stricken by Satine, a celebrated chanteuse and courtesan, at first sight, as she descends into the auditorium on resume writing, a trapeze singing Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. Thesis! He meets Satine when he is mistaken for the Duke (Richard Roxburg), who is about to bankroll an important show, falls in love, is found out (but not before Satine falls in love with him) and is ultimately given the job of writing the musical in which Satine will make her legitimate debut. As the show, the spectacular Spectacular Spectacular proceeds through writing and rehearsals, the lovers attempt, with varying degrees of success, to hide the services kelowna affair. (Again, the song playing in the background details the story.) As the show's opening night approaches, Satine banishes Christian from attending, warning him that the Duke has threatened him with death.

The show must go on, however, and Christian risks his life to settle his differences with Satine. I mentioned that the film begins with Christian mourning the singer rich loss of resume writing, his love. Students! That's all I will say about plot here. Suffice it to say, that as with all musicals, the production numbers advance and comment upon the plot. That these songs are woven from recent musical history makes the accomplishment even more astounding. Let's start with Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and LOVE.

These words comprise the clarion call of bohemian society, given voice by resume services kelowna, John Leguizmo as Toulouse Latrec (the celebrated painter who is the subject of John Huston's Moulin Rouge, a fantastic film in it's own right.) We don't see the tortured Latrec of Huston's film. His legs are still cut off at the knee, but he embodies the spirit of BOHO and leads the group of artists and creative types who frequent the Rouge. TRUTH is what exists. Even though the characters may be having a good time, their eyes are open to the ills and pitfalls of society. Math Word! If a person is true, no matter what his beliefs or actions, he is redeemed. BEAUTY is to be prized above all. Services! The world is a beautiful mess, and you have to stop and marvel at b120, the small detailed things in resume, order to appreciate the major chords of life. Essay! (That last phrase borrowed from New York, New York, by the way.) As the film is all glitz and pizzaz on the outside, it really deals with hard truths and wondrous beauty. FREEDOM is resume writing kelowna, what mankind strives for. Freedom of expression, and the freedom to essay, exhibit it.

Moulin Rouge is a valentine to this expression. Resume Writing Services Kelowna! The film doesn't settle for the mainstream. Luhrmann is not afraid to indulge his every whim, and it shows on 4th grade word problems worksheets, screen. LOVE is what the film, and basically, what life are all about. Critics have mentioned that the plot is thin, almost nonexistant. To the contrary, the plot is one of those universals, such as Shakespeare used in his plays, a love triangle, a tragic character, a villian, redemption and renewal. The plot exists as a sounding board for resume writing services kelowna, the themes, not only those listed above, but the thesis ultimate thematic conclusion that love conquers all. I know that's a cliche, but when confronted with a film like this, which liberally uses all the cliches in the book, it is wise to understand that the use of timeworn material, instantly memorable popular music, and all kinds of writing services, cultural/historical references serves to comment on the human condition. This theme might even seem like a cliche, but as presented, the viewer is bombarded with emotion and issue abortion essay imagery, memory and illusion, and when the action stops for a profound moment as in the celebrated Elephant Scene (Chapter 13 on resume kelowna, the DVD, where Satine sings Someday I'll Fly Away) the audience cannot help but feel the emotion collectively. Secondary! This is another fine reason to catch Rouge in resume writing, a theater, if you can, because there is still nothing akin to enjoying the collective experience of humanity feeling the same emotions and reacting to them in a darkened theater.

A Short History of Film As soon as the red velvet curtain parts, and the conductor frantically leads the ethical issue abortion orchestra in the first strains of the Twentieth Century Fox logo, you know you are in for a treat unlike anything you have seen before. On the writing kelowna DVD, two separate sections explain the conception and execution of the ample effects needed to introduce us to the movie, the period (Paris, 1900 on title card), the denizens, and the character of Christian. Issue Abortion Essay! From this wonderfully expressive opening salvo, to the whirling fantasmagoria of the film itself, to the sad but ultimately satisfying ending, Luhrmann is inviting us on a journey through the cultural history of film itself. Each scene transition, the use of color (or lack of services kelowna, it), the indoor sets, and not coincidentally the blazing artifice of the whole endeavor itself serves as a microcosm of the complete theatrical and filmic process. This is a vast subject which lends itself to essay, another essay, but I wish to outline a few of the more important instances. Most importantly, we have the play within a play device, and services kelowna the use of mistaken identity, frequently used by Shakespeare in the comedies. The play within a play device alludes as well to word, the backstage musicals of the thirties, specifically the Busby Berkeley musicals for Warners. Luhrmann even shoots a few of Berkeley's signature kaliedoscope shots for good measure.

Characters in the play within a play comment on the real characters. Music drives the resume writing services kelowna plot, and brings an secondary emotional punch to resume writing, the themes. As I mentioned earlier, I was at first concerned, when viewing the trailer, to hear Roxanne. But talem in context, the actual number Le Tango de Roxanne (Chapter 23n on the DVD) is one of the thesis oxford most critical and imaginative in the film. As I remember stating in my review after seeing the film in the theater when it opened, the resume services kelowna audience with me actually applauded after the Like a Virgin number (Chapter 19). Music, and the sadly neglected American Musical Film fulfills a basic need for humanity, and binding oxford audiences will applaud ecstatically when moved.

I think the time has come, and Moulin Rouge is the standard bearer for the movement, for kelowna, musicals to return in full force to the screen. The first song the audience hears, by the way, over the credits, are the opening strains of b120 tma02, Robert Wise's oscar winning 1965 musical The Sound of Music. I think this tips us off to writing services kelowna, the homage/revival/deeply moving musical experience on which we are about to embark. The story is told in flashback, another theatrical and filmic device, which affords the ending additional power as Christian is redeemed. (I could probably go on about the symbolism inherent in the name Christian, but won't in this essay, except to bring it up.) Baz Luhrmann himself supplies the commentary, along with assorted members of the production. 4th Grade Math Problems! I haven't heard all the commentary tracks, since I began this project immediately after viewing the DVD, but there are two individual tracks, detailing the writing process, and resume services production design. A second disc analyzes almost everything else about the secondary research production. This film deserves the Best Picture this year like no other. The DVD received an resume award for DVD of the year even before it was released. It certainly is the most comprehensive DVD the medium has to offer so far, and it surpasses every laserdisc I have as well, including the Criterion titles.

See Moulin Rouge, hopefully in a theater, with an audience. BUY, do not rent, the DVD. See Moulin Rouge again. Tell everyone you know about this website, and even if they don't read my lengthy commentary, at least tell them to sign in to online book students, the AllThingsMike Discussion Boards under the Movie Reviews section and tell me about what they think of this great work of writing services kelowna, art. I want to spread the word. An Internet search for Moulin Rouge turned up precious few fansites, and I will start to recruit acolytes to the power of this film on those sites.

Hopefully the word will spread. Ethical Issue Essay! I KNOW this is the Best Picture. Services Kelowna! Last year, I didn't make the call, but the Academy was wrong, I wasn't. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was the best film last year, not Gladiator. 4th Grade Word Worksheets! I've picked the winner repeatedly since 1992. (In 1991 I chose Beauty and kelowna the Beast over Silence of the book students Lambs) Last year was a fluke.

This is a strange year, there are quite a few fine films, some unknowns (at least to me) and I just read that Altman's latest, Gosford Park is getting buzz.

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112+ Best Free Creative Resume Templates [Updated] If you are going to search resumes then you don#8217;t need to resume kelowna, waste your time. 4th Grade Word Problems Worksheets? you are at right place. Here are 112 + Free Creative Resume Templates . As all we know, A resume is an essential requirement in any employment opportunity for an applicant, A considered polished resume can really make a difference. Applicant must know his worth first by providing information about his background and his capability of working, All your data is resume writing, laid down in a paper an it must be contained of a creative resume designed with a good template . Math Word Problems? Now The important role here is played by your imagination and kelowna, creativity that can easily transform any bold solid white sheet of paper filled with casual regular type into something extraordinary. Must See: 12 Creative Interactive Online Resumes Updated 5-June-2016. Online Book Reports? The concept is quite simple that you have to resume, show your capability by like any of these below Creative Resume Templates . for instance if you are a web/graphic designer than it must be obvious by you resume its time to turn your creative mind on and prepare a resume with keeping you capability in your mind.

To make it easy for online book, you, Today we have listed 112 + Free Creative Resume Templates that can properly introduce you to people and organizations, demonstrating your skills, experience and bio via various style starting with a traditional one column CV and ending with a modern style template. Resume Services Kelowna? Recommended: Premium Professional Resume Templates. Online Book? Free Minimalistic Creative Resume. Free Web Page Style Resume Template. Resume + Cover Letter / CV Template (FREEBIE) Free Flat Style Cool Resume Template.

Free Portfolio Resume/CV, and Cover Letter Template. Resume Writing Kelowna? Salah Resume – Free Personal Template. Self Promotion Free CV / Resume PSD Template. Research For Thesis? Free Creative Resume Templates Pack. Free PSD: Print Ready Best Resume Template. Writing Services Kelowna? 7 Free Creative Resumes Templates. CV Free Resume Template 2016 (3 Page) Free Material Design Resume Template. Free Material Style Resume/CV Cover Letter. Tma02 Essay? Free Clean Simple Resume Template (5 Colors) Free Professional Resume / CV Template for writing services kelowna, Graphic Designers. CV Free Photographers Resume Template.

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Free Clean Interactive Resume by Ola Hamdy. Free Perfect Resume And Business Card Design. Writing? 10 Free Cool and Clean Infographic Creative Resume Templates. Resume / cv template – Free Download. Free Psd Resume Templates : Flasher – 3 Colors. Singer Rich And Poor Essay? Ultra Minimal Resume Template PSD. Resume Services? Free Resume/CV Business Card Templates. Essay? Resume Template With Ms Word File. Free Vita / Resume (InDesign Template) Free Graphic Design Resume Template – By ZippyPixels. Writing Kelowna? Professional Resume Template (PSD, PDF) Creative Resume Template by Pixeden. Free A4 Resume by Cesar Santiago Molina. Infographic Resume Template by Kevin Cdnc.

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12 Super Creative Interactive Online Resumes Examples. 25 Creative and resume writing, Simple Resume Templates Examples. Research? Freebie – Flato Responsive Online Flat CV Resume Templates. Writing Services? 12 Modern Flat Portfolio Website Examples. Did you liked any of rich and poor essay, these Creative Resume Templates ? Do share your views in comments :) Hi.

I'm Mursaleen Siddique, The guy behind . I'd rather call myself a struggling Blogger. I love Blogging with WordPress, Covering Islamic General Topics Graphic Web Design Inspiration and WordPress Themes, I'm available on resume writing Facebook Twitter Pinterest. these are really useful post for reports, all the people looking for CV templates! Well I have also uploaded 2 most effective cv templates on my blog! keep posting thank you. Hi there, thanks for writing services, sharing. I also found a great post with lots of great free resumes: Great infographics that can be used. Thanks.

ThAnk you dear for your support. Thank You for appreciation dear. The best resume templates are on Book Students? Hi there everyone, it#8217;s my first pay a quick visit at writing kelowna, this. web site, and post is actually fruitful in support of ethical issue, me, keep up posting such content. I am curious to find out what blog platform you#8217;re utilizing? I#8217;m experiencing some minor security problems with my latest blog and. I#8217;d like to find something more secure.

Do you have any. Thank you for you interest. try to purchase your domain / hosting from reliable source. Very nice collection, here is another one creative template: Click Here. I visited multiple sites except the audio feature for writing services kelowna, audio songs current at. 4th Grade Math Worksheets? this site is really excellent. ? Ale tak naprawde jest natychmiastowy kolezenstwa nie. Resume Services Kelowna? Sorry We don#8217;t understand this language :) This was just released this site looks really stunning. Really nice collection there! check these resume templates on 4th grade math problems These are amazing collection!

Also checkout my new minimal single page resume template especially for resume services kelowna, designers that I am distributing for free, and available for download via Behance network at Thank You Michelle :) Thank you :) Dave :) How Can I suggest a resume template to this collection ? Is there any submission form on online reports UltraUpdates ? Hi you can provide us content via our Facebook page.. Resume Writing? Hey Mursalen, I just sent you a suggestion on facebook, please check :) Hi, Mursalen nice collection any updates in the nearest time? can#8217;t tell you exact time but i will try to updated it soon insha allah. Coolio, will be checking, I need some new templates for my clients. Wow pretty impressive, I wonder if they are considered formal. Rich And Poor Essay? thank you for commenting :) .. soon they#039;ll be considered formal. Services Kelowna? buh nowdays these kinds of resume are highly preferred if you#039;re applying for designers job :) I am unable to click on nay of the #8220;More Info / Download#8221; links. I#8217;ve tried by white-listing this website from Adblock but still the issue persists. hi dear shoaib check again .. all links are working :) Really admirable job. 4th Grade Problems Worksheets? Keep it up folks. Very usefull. Excelent info. Thanks! Thank you For commenting and appreciating this post :) Hey, I really love the resume in the photo under the #8220;25 Creative And Simple Resume Templates Examples,#8221; but for some reason I can#8217;t seem to writing services kelowna, figure out where to thesis binding oxford, download it. When I click the writing services download link by that photo it just redirects me to another one of and poor, your articles that shows other resumes.

Please help! I really love that resume and feel it works perfect for what I need. Thanks! Hi lianna #8220;25 Creative And Simple Resume Templates Examples#8221; are just images for writing kelowna, inspiration. :) you can tell me which one you liked most so i will try to find that resume or similer one for issue abortion, you :) HI, I have a beauty recruiting company and writing services kelowna, wanted to singer rich and poor essay, attach a link to your site for beauty creatives. Please let me know ASAP if this is writing kelowna, permitable! I love what your doing! Great looking CVs indeed. Maybe you can add some resume freebies from in your next roundup post ;) All of above resume templates are amazing and very useful for some new creation of web design :) By continuing to use the site, you agree to ethical essay, the use of cookies. more information Accept. The cookie settings on resume writing kelowna this website are set to allow cookies to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click Accept below then you are consenting to this.

More info at Cookie Policy.

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Essay on Sociology: Top 6 Essays on Sociology. Here is a compilation of essays on ‘Sociology’ for class 9, 10, 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on writing services ‘Sociology’ especially written for school and college students. Essay on the Definition of Sociology Essay on the History of ethical issue abortion, Sociology Essay on Sociology Related to Other Social Sciences Essay on the Methods of Sociological Research Essay on the Development of Sociology Essay on the Scope and Applications of Sociology. Essay # 1. Definition of Sociology : Sociology (from Latin: socius,’companion; and the suffix -ology, ‘the study of’, from Greek logos, ‘knowledge’) is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture i.e. the scientific study of society and human behavior. Thus, society is used to interpret human behavior by using theories to understand human behavior by using scientific methods of research. Sociology emerged as a discipline in the 19 th century as an academic response to resume services kelowna, the challenge of modernization. Sociologists hoped not only to understand what held social groups together, but also to develop an ‘antidote’ to the social disintegration that was rapidly resulting from secondary for thesis, modernization. Sociology is a social science that studies human societies, their interactions, and the processes that preserve and resume services, change them.

Sociology also studies social status or stratification, social movements, and social change, as well as societal disorder in rich and poor essay, the form of crime, deviance, and revolution. As the organizations play an important role in influencing human action, it is sociology’s task to discover how organizations affect the behavior of persons, how they are established, how organizations interact with one another, how they decay, and, ultimately, how they disappear. Among the most basic organizational structures are economic, religious, educational, and political institutions, as well as more specialized institutions such as the family, the community, the military, peer groups, clubs, and volunteer associations. Sociologists depend on quantitative methods of social search to describe large patterns in social relationships, and to develop models that can help predict social change and how people will respond to resume services, social change as well as qualitative methods—such as focused interviews, group discussions and ethnographic methods for a better understanding of social processes. Sociology is a relatively new study among other social science disciplines including economics, political science, anthropology, psychology. The term ‘Sociology’ was coined by singer rich and poor essay Auguste Comte, who hoped to writing services, unify all studies of humankind—including history, psychology and economics.

He believed all human life had passed through the same distinct historical stages and secondary, that, if one could grasp this progress, one could prescribe the remedies for social ills. Sociology did not replace the other social sciences, but aimed to be another of them, with its own particular emphases in terms of subject matter and methods. Essay # 2. History of Sociology: Industrial sociology’s origins lie in the ideas of resume writing kelowna, Marx, Weber and Durkheim, and perhaps beyond. It was recognized as a discrete subject only between the world wars, developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and ethical essay, subsequently fragmented into writing kelowna, myriad forms such as the sociology of work and organizational behavior, or has become merged along with some elements of industrial relations into Human Resource Management. The history of industrial sociology can be read against the changing backdrop of the ethical abortion essay founding authorities.

During the interwar period, when mass unemployment and economic crisis prevailed, Marx, with his theory of proletarian revolution generated by alienation and exploitation, was expected to prevail, but in fact Marx’s influence was minimal: the limited success of the communist revolutions shifted the focus of many Marxists from industry to culture. In modern industrialized societies work tasks are increasingly carried out within bureaucratized corporations and formally structured enterprises that employ people to work under the instructions of organizational managers. Organizations are at ‘the center of resume writing services, gravity of singer rich and poor essay, contemporary society’. Essay # 3. Sociology related to services kelowna, Other Social Sciences: Sociology is related with other disciplines that also deal with the study of rich and poor essay, society. The fields of economics, psychology, and anthropology have influenced and have been influenced by sociology and these fields share a great amount of history and common research interests. Unlike sociology, psychology and anthropology have forensic components within these disciplines that deal with anatomy and other types of laboratory research. Sociobiology is the study of resume writing kelowna, how social behavior and organization has been influenced by evolution and other biological processes. The field blends sociology with a number of other sciences, such as anthropology, biology, zoology, and others.

Sociology is online book students, also widely used in management science, especially in resume writing, the field of organizational behavior. The broad nature of sociological inquiry causes it to overlap with other social sciences such as economics, political science, psychology, geography, education, and law. Sociology’s distinguishing feature is its practice of drawing on a larger societal context to explain social phenomena. Sociologists also utilize some aspects of these other fields. Secondary Research. Psychology and sociology, for resume writing kelowna instance, share an interest in the subfield of social psychology, although psychologists traditionally focus on individuals and their mental mechanisms. Sociology devotes most of math word worksheets, its attention to the collective aspects of human behavior, because sociologists place greater emphasis on the ways external groups influence the behavior of individuals. Psychology examines more of the workings of the human mind why persons think and services, behave as they do. Sociology tends to secondary for thesis, examine groups of persons (societies), communities, and resume writing services kelowna, nations. So psychology is more about the individual or small group, and sociology is more about communities and larger groups of persons. Psychology helps the individual to function independently in personal relationships and within the community whereas Sociology intervenes and assists individuals and families through the hardships and crises they face through continuous support as needed. Simply, Psychology may be perceived as a goal toward independence, while Sociology might be perceived as the support necessary to sustain families and society.

The field of social anthropology has been historically quite close to sociology. Singer Rich Essay. Until about the first quarter of the 20th century, the two subjects were usually combined in one department. Anthropology and writing services, Sociology both deal with society but the only difference is that Social Anthropology mainly considers small states and their culture, but their area of studies is basically the same. Two other social sciences, Political Science and Economics, developed largely from the binding practical interests of nations have also recognized the utility of sociological concepts and methods. Sociology and Political Science are related in the sense that they are both concerned with the welfare of people in a society. Political Science basically deals with the distribution of power and the exercise of power, democracy, dictatorship, and communism, how people vote etc. Sociology and Economics are related in the sense that Economics deals with the production of goods and services and how they are distributed to people just like Sociology which also consider how the goods are distributed to members of the society. History is another social science which is related to Sociology. History primarily deals with past events and how they affected society, e.g., how the colonization of an underdeveloped country took place whereas Sociology is concerned with how people interacted, how culture was affected etc. during the services kelowna colonization and 4th grade math word problems worksheets, the present. Geography can also be a social science which deals with society just like Sociology.

Population studies, demography, health and environment are all geographical studies which deal with society which are also inter-related to resume writing services kelowna, sociology as a field of study. Fields like law, education, and religion and and poor essay, even such contrasting fields as engineering and architecture can benefit from the study of institutions and social interaction. Sociologists have increasingly borrowed statistical methods from other disciplines such as Statistics and mathematical analysis. Statistician Karl Pearson’s ‘coefficient of correlation,’ for example, introduced an important concept for measuring associations between continuous variables without necessarily defining the nature of the connection. Later, statistical estimates of causal relations were probed by resume kelowna “multiple regression analysis,” employing techniques that estimate the degree to which any particular variable influences a particular outcome. Patterns of 4th grade worksheets, responses to interview questions, once thought to be purely qualitative, have also been subject to services, mathematical scaling. Many other statistical methods have been devised to suit the thesis binding purposes of such specialties as demography, ecology, social stratification, organizational analysis, mass communication, and social movements.

Computers have accelerated the application of complex measures that were previously limited by the amount of resume, time required for performing the mathematics. Further progress requires greater resources, larger research teams, and special research agencies comparable to the increased complexity of thesis, research organization that occurred in the older sciences. Resume Services Kelowna. Large-scale sociological research is greatly enhanced by the availability of computers, by complex statistical techniques, and by the storage capacity of data banks. Essay # 4. Methods of Sociological Research : The basic goal of sociological research is to understand the social world in its many forms. Quantitative methods and qualitative methods are two main types of online reports, sociological research methods. Writing Services. Quantitative methods—such as social statistics or network analysis are used by oxford Sociologists for investigating the structure of a social process or describe patterns in social relationships and Qualitative methods—such as focused interviews, group discussions and resume, ethnographic methods for investigating social processes.

Sociologists also use applied research methods such as evaluation research and assessment. Various types of social research methods include: This involves a continuous and systematic search for research for thesis the information and knowledge about past events related to the life of a person, a group, society, or the services kelowna world. Facts or factual evidences are compiled from a variety of records available in libraries, museums etc. The contents of books and mass media are analyzed to study how people communicate. iv. Experimental Research:

A single social process or social phenomena is isolated by the researcher and the data is used to either confirm or construct social theory. Due to its extremely high internal validity the experiment is the best method for testing theory. Participants, or subjects, are randomly assigned to b120 essay, various conditions or ‘treatments’, and then analyses are made between groups. Randomization ensures that the effect on group differences is because of the treatment and writing services, not some other extraneous factor. v. Observation by Participation:

Information about social phenomenon or behavior is thesis, recorded by the researcher by using a highly disciplined Qualitative research by going into resume writing services, the field (usually a community), living with the people for some time, and participating in their activities in order to know and feel their culture. Data is obtained from interviews, questionnaires, or similar feedback from tma02, a set of persons chosen randomly by the researcher to represent a particular population of interest. Survey items may be open- ended or closed-ended. Personal life trajectories are studied through a series of interviews. The researcher probes into the decisive moments or the various influences on the participant’s life. viii. Longitudinal Study: This is an extensive examination of a specific group over a long period of time. The choice of method depends on the researcher’s epistemological approach to research. For example, researchers concerned with statistical generalizability to a population will most likely administer structured interviews with a survey questionnaire to a carefully selected probability sample. Whereas, ethnographers, who are more interested in having a full contextual understanding of group members lives will choose participant observation, observation, and writing, open-ended interviews.

Sometimes researchers need to combine several of these methodologies since different methods produce different types of findings that correspond to different aspects of societies. For example, the secondary research for thesis quantitative methods may help describe social patterns, while qualitative approaches could help to understand how individuals understand those patterns. An example of using multiple types of research methods is in resume, the study of the binding Internet. The Internet is used by sociologists in various ways: (i) As a tool for research, for example, in using online questionnaires instead of paper ones, (ii) As a discussion platform, and. (iii) As a research topic i.e. analysis of online communities (e.g. as found in newsgroups), virtual communities and virtual worlds, organizational change catalyzed through new media like the Internet, and resume, social change at-large in the transformation from industrial to singer rich and poor, informational society (or to information society).

Online communities can be studied statistically through network analysis and at the same time interpreted qualitatively, such as though virtual ethnography. Social change can be studied through statistical demographics or through the services kelowna interpretation of b120 tma02 essay, changing messages and symbols in resume services, online media studies. Essay # 5. Ethical Essay. Development of Sociology : The original emergence of sociology and the later development of the sociology of work and industry have been inextricably linked to the changing social and services, industrializing world of thesis binding oxford, which it is a part. The Greek philosophers and their European successors discussed much of the subject matter of sociology without thinking of it as a distinct discipline. In the early 19th century, the subject matter of the social sciences was discussed under the heading of moral philosophy. Resume Writing. Even after Comte introduced the word sociology in 1838, sociological studies were combined with other subjects for some 60 years. By the late 1890s nearly all higher-educational institutions in the United States either had departments of sociology or offered courses in thesis binding, the subject. In 1895 the services American Journal of Sociology began publication at the University of secondary, Chicago; in time a large number of journals followed in many other countries.

Ten years later the American Sociological Society was organized, also to services, be followed by a large number of national, regional, international, and specialized sociological organizations. These groups institutionalized the subject and continued to guide its directions and define its boundaries. Eventually in 1949 the International Sociological Association was established under the sponsorship of ethical issue, UNESCO, and Louis Wirth of the University of Chicago was elected its first president. By 1970 there were more than a dozen important sociological journals and an indefinite number or minor journals worldwide. Along with this growth came a flourishing of research institutions—some affiliated with university departments and some independent—which allowed a small but increasing number of sociologists to pursue full-time research free from resume writing services kelowna, teaching responsibilities.

Increase in public appreciation of the subject, the continuing growth of tma02 essay, funds for teaching and research, the resume writing kelowna steady reduction of sectarian opposition to study of social institutions, the refinement of oxford, methodologies that permit statistical analysis, and the growth of acceptance from scientists in resume writing, other fields is ethical abortion, contributing towards the gradual growth of Sociology. It is likely that public interest in the development of sociological knowledge will increase as more people become aware of what sociology can contribute to human safety and welfare as the resume advances in science and technology are accompanied by unforeseen and unintended consequences. Progress can indeed diminish the effects of natural catastrophes such as famine and disease, but progress can also bring about a wide range of new problems. Wars have shown a tendency to become more destructive, and the causes lie in the complexities of social organization and the interaction of great corporate national bodies. Politics, unaided by social science and other disciplines, cannot reverse this trend. Problems within nations are seen as increasing sources of human troubles.

Ethnic hostilities and internal conflicts between generations, political factions, and other divisions of the book students populations have increased. Human welfare is also threatened by widespread poverty, crime, vice, political corruption, and writing, breakdowns in the family and in other institutions. Though sociology does not provide the solutions at present, its practitioners believe that the prospects for human betterment depend largely on the increasing application of b120 tma02 essay, social science knowledge to these problems. Essay # 6. Scope and Applications of Sociology: Sociology can help us understand the role of writing, work in people’s lives and in modern societies. The goals of sociology are to understand human behavior, to generalize about the causes of research, human behavior, to predict future human behavior, to understand how society influences people, how and why people are organized in society, either as individuals or as members of associations, groups, and institutions. 1. Sociologists are employed by national and resume writing, international bodies to recommend programs, evaluate their progress and effects, gather data for planning, and propose methods for initiating change. 2. Sociologists aid industry by obtaining data on clients and workers, i.e. social surveys, offering advice on personnel or public relations problems, providing labor unions with advice, helping communities undertake reform, counseling families, and reports, donating or selling advice to consumer groups. 3. The principal employment of sociologists is in academic institutions. 4. Other employment possibilities that have opened in recent decades are Social welfare agencies and government organizations of all types— from bureaus dealing with population, budgets, and education to departments concentrating on writing kelowna crime, agriculture, and health matters— have tapped sociologists for help in research, planning, and administration. 5. Ethical Abortion Essay. Other directions of sociological activity include the resume writing services kelowna roles of consultant, social critic, social activist etc.

It appears likely that sociologists will continue to spread their activities over tma02 an ever-widening region of national or global concern. Sociology studies organizations and social institutions, largely by a comparative method. It has concentrated particularly on writing services kelowna the organization of research, complex industrial societies.