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Short essay on summer vacation

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Essay on Summer Vacation for Children and Students

Short essay on summer vacation

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Development and essay, Reward Theory SHRM Assignment. Human resource development has now become a necessity rather than sheer mind-set. As the world economy is homeschool essay changing, it is short essay vacation crucial for essay, organizations to proactively and strategically adopt HRD (Hollingshead, 2010). Not just that, it also requires the essay, firms to shift their approach to HRD. Homeschool Writing! This is the short essay on summer vacation, driving factor for strategic HRD. Some of the uk, definitions to identify the on summer, scope of SHRD by different authors and perspectives are as below: According to McCracken and Wallace (2000), SHRD can be defined as creating a learning culture that not only aligns with the corporate level strategy of the firm but also shapes it and influences it by opting for training, learning and is there, development of the human resources. One of the earlier definitions of HRD includes managing employment learning while taking into consideration the long term implications of the business and corporate strategies such that they lead to mutual benefit for the individual human resources and the organization too (Garavan, et al, 2002). Another author proposed that strategic HRD targets the human resource development within the strategic framework of the short essay on summer vacation, business in self-reliance and other essays review, order to short essay meet the english, needs of the organization (Harrison, 1997).

From these definitions, it is very clear that SHRD should be well integrated with other business strategies in order to ensure and drive growth. Short! As a matter of fact, as a response to corporate social responsibility, SHRD should be inherent at various hierarchical levels within an organization (Tymon, et al, 2010). The intent of deploying SHRD is to align the knowledge specific to the firm with that of the organization’s business goals. This, in turn facilitates connection between previous knowledge and latest emerging trends relevant to the business of organization. Development! Amalgamation of short essay on summer, various elements with respect to the internal knowledge (which is derived within the essay about my motherland, organization) and external knowledge (which is derived from outside the firm) gives competitive advantage to the firm which ensures sustenance in the long run (Davenport, Prusak Wilson, 2003). For this, HRD should exist within the organization with the required strategic focus and applicability. This calls for multi-layered relationship amongst the line managers, senior management and the employees to remain cohesive with the various strategies of the organization to seek competitive edge (Wright, 2008). In this background, the strategic goals for short essay vacation, human resource development can be identified as under according to Garavan (2007): Recognizing the culture of the organization in wake of the HRD plans and self-reliance, policies Support from short essay on summer, top management and ensuring involvement and commitment of lower hierarchies Constant evaluation of HRM activities to self-reliance compliment and integrate with the mission of the organization and its goals Create values by on summer vacation establishing resource structure in the organization Expanding roles for is there in college, trainers in short on summer vacation, response to self-reliance essays the environmental changes.

This requires continuous scanning of environmental factors that influence the HR activities. These strategic goals can either be emergent to solve a given situation or deliberate to align with a given situation in short essay on summer vacation, the organization. Proofreading Service! For a successful implementation of SHRD, its horizontal and essay on summer, vertical integration within the organization is very important. Therefore, developing business models that can easily be integrated across different functions and hierarchies within the organization can lead to a better vertical and horizontal fit of strategic human resource development within the organization. As a matter of fact, having a learning culture within an essay, organization is the basis for a successful integration of on summer, different SHRD models (Peterson, 2008). The vertical fit and horizontal fit for SHRD are elaborated below: Vertical Fit: This ensures integration of the strategic HRD goals and activities with that of the organizational goals. Formulation of the HRD strategy plays a shaping role whereas implementation of the same plays a supporting role to achieve vertical fit in the organization (Garavan, 2007).Such an integration calls for explicit leadership roles on behalf of the top management through involvement and about my motherland, commitment.

To achieve seamless vertical integration, the managers rather leaders need to understand the changing dynamics and modify the short on summer vacation, HRD strategies and policies in tandem. Horizontal Fit:Horizontal integration of communication, strategic HRD involves getting internal integration in the organization by aligning the HRD strategies to that of the existing activities. For this, it is important for firms to create internal labour that is efficient to handle the business requirements; else, organizations might have to rely on the external market to short on summer meet the homework in college, skill requirements. In short, the activities and essay on summer vacation, strategies of HRM form the basis to achieve horizontal integration of SHRD (Garavan, 2007). 1.4 Analytical approaches to strategic HRD. Analytical approach is a quantitative measure to assess the effectiveness of HRD practices within the organisation. This approach is just opposite to audit approach which takes into account qualitative appraisal of performance. For example low labour turnover ratio is a positive signal of effectiveness. It facilitates to the management in achieving individual as well as organisation objectives (Regis, 2008).

1.5 Stages to the implementation of Strategic HRD. In the process of strategic human resource development process there are four stages to essay follow viz. 1.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of a strategic approach to HRD. There are certain advantages and disadvantages in strategic approach to human resource development which are described below: The adoption of Strategic HRD facilitates growth in the productivity at work place (Harrison, 2009). It creates an explicit pool between human resource policies and practices and the organisational strategies at short essay vacation whole within the organisational environment. SHRD boosts the employee expertise which ultimately helps in the overall development of employee. Here expertise means, “Optimal level at which a person is able and expected to perform within a specialized realm of human activity (Kelly, 2006). First of development communication dissertations, all it is almost impossible to predict human behaviour. So, setting an overall goal and objective is short a difficult task in and other, SHRD. Short Essay Vacation! Effect of external effect makes SHRD a difficult phenomenon to adopt. As it is directly related to human behaviour its outcome cannot be precisely determined (Mishra, 2006).

2.1 Definition of training needs analysis in terms of skills and knowledge and attributes. Every organization has its own strategic priorities, based on which it deploys resources in key projects. These priorities are increasingly depending on the headwinds the company faces from a technological, economic, political, competitive, industry and supply-chain perspective. Human capital is an extremely critical resource that can be built not only by dissertations hiring the best talent, but training them with the company’s priorities in mind. In other words, the short essay on summer, personal training needs of the individuals need to be closely aligned with those of the essay about my motherland, company and that is where TNA (Training Needs Analysis) comes into picture. Broadly speaking, the following elements form the core of on summer, any framework designed to development implement TNA across various organizations (Caligiuri, 2010)

Identifying knowledge gaps Assigning competencies Finalizing training content (technical, business, functional etc.) Agreeing on a method of delivery (online, conferencing, onsite training, class room etc.) Assigning relevant professionals for short vacation, the training process. Employees at different ranks are set goals based on various factors such as. Functional and business knowledge gaps as agreed upon by the superior and the associate The employee’s career interests Shortage of man power The immediate project needs of the company Long-term human resource development strategy of the company. Looking at the big picture, ideally a candidate’s training needs are assessed with the company’s long term goals in mind. Self-reliance Essays Review! However, this may vary in specific situations. For instance, a budding software engineer mapped to a long-term project can be provided the approval to pursue his or her dream of short essay vacation, gaining excellence in a new technology and the company will most likely sponsor the certification process. However, in a short-term project that demands commitment and excellence from associates, this may not be possible.The key is to create as many win-win situations as possible so that the employee’s cross-functional skills can be leveraged by the company in the long run and that the employee can lay a strong functional and business foundation that is essential to pursuing a long term career in a company. Proofreading Uk! As an example, many multinational companies today have global leadership programs catering exactly to the aforementioned needs so that the human capital is persisted with, invested in and leveraged effectively.

Training is one of the many tools an essay on summer vacation, organization uses to reach its goals. Proofreading Service Uk! The first phase is to assess the training needs of an organization. If this is not properly done it could have serious consequences for an organization such as: Training might be given when the actual problem lies in performance, not insufficient training. Training programs might also be misguided; its content might be irrelevant or training approaches harmful. It is also possible that participants might not have correct skills or be competent enough to reach the short essay on summer, goal. If incorrectly organized, if programs are deficient by development communication design they might not be beneficial, they might not produce the desired outcome in productivity, knowledge or skills and they might therefore not lead to any measurable results. Financial resources might be spent on projects that are ineffective for essay vacation, the organization (Warner and Randy DeSimone, 2008). 2.3 Discrimination issues in TNA.

Areas such as discrimination, diversity, equal opportunities and exclusivity can pose various challenges to companies trying to service come up with a TNA in line with their strategic priorities. Some of these regulations come from governments, labour unions and even the stakeholders. The learning and development manager needs to be aware of the on summer, latest laws to ensure that no form or aspect discrimination is brought into the learning program. Additionally, any learning program should ideally include two key requirements in the analysis framework (CIPD.CO.UK) Learning process must meet all legal and about, regulatory requirements (e.g. Disability Discrimination Act (legislation, 1995) Learning needs for staff at all levels must be included in short essay, the analysis. 2.4 Approaches used for TNA at the organizational, team and individual levels. There are three levels of needs assessment that could potentially be analysed to come up with a comprehensive TNA that augurs well for the company and its employees. (Brown) Organizational analysis: A thorough analysis by HR can help determine what departments in the company need training based on their respective turnovers, existing talent needs, future needs, employee performance, laws and regulations, absenteeism etc. Job or task analysis: Relevant to essay my motherland the employee’s job and specific tasks assigned, TNA can be tailored with the organizational analysis outcomes in mind. Tasks that will have to be performed in various conditions, quality of performance expected, effort needed etc. Short Essay Vacation! will serve to be the key levers of this analysis. Individual analysis: The employee’s performance as learnt from communication dissertations, performance reviews by supervisors and / or peers can be analysed further to identify gaps that would otherwise go unnoticed.

For instance, in due course of a project work, the project’s and / or the employee’s workspace limitations could limit employee performance. However, in different conditions, the short on summer, employee could perform differently. Self-reliance Review! Guide to effective introduction of TNA. On Summer Vacation! If TNA Guide is to essay writing be effective, it should focus on the following dimensions: (Brown) It should provide specific solutions to organisation or individual. Aim should be to integrate organisational goals and TNA.

Aim should be to meet the needs of the short, client organization/ employee for an intervention. It should be considered what type of training will be most appropriate. Training course analysis should be made participative so as to make it more effective. Rather than relying on homeschool, the subjective evaluation of managers, all potential trainees should be included in the process. In many organizations, employee performance appraisal is probably the starting point of essay vacation, identifying the relevant knowledge gaps. An employee’s performance depends on various factors such as talent, motivation, experience, project complexity, time etc. Ideally, gap identification must occur well before the self-reliance review, appraisal process to create win-win situations for the company, stakeholders and the employees. Based on the outcomes of the short essay, appraisal process, the supervisor and HR can work closely with the employee to determine short term and long term training needs. Some of the essay writing, outcomes can be as follows: (Garner, 2012) Overall performance of the candidate compared to the peer group and vacation, initial expectations Employee strengths – areas that can be leveraged better by the company to map the employee to different opportunities Employee weaknesses – Crucial to determining TNA. Proofreading! Employee’s career ambitions – Help determine if he or she can continue to fit in the company.

Different training activities can be linked to varying time horizons depending on the company’s needs. For instance, short term activities could be linked to immediate rewards applicable to the employee’s compensation, while long term activities could be linked to the career growth prospects of the employee in vacation, the organization. 2.6 Evaluation Measures: Effectiveness, efficiency, validity and reliability. Training still remains the about my motherland, best solution to performance issues for employees that do not understand how to do their jobs. If they are trained, but do still not receive expected payback, or do not have the right qualifications or equipment, or if the problem has not been sufficiently identified, training is unlikely to be the correct solution to fundamental problems encountered. Evaluating the training method efficiency from time to time thus becomes all the short essay, more important. There are four different faces of evaluating a training process (Garner, 2012): The trainer’s evaluation of essay, trainee’s progress and performance Trainee’s evaluation of the trainer’s performance on various aspects (diction, content, delivery, approach, ability to inspire confidence and engage the class etc.) Results produced by the trainee post training in specific projects The training’s relevance to the company’s efficiency and effectiveness goals. There are several ways in short on summer vacation, which the evaluation process can be carried out: Internal surveys: Employees can rate the program on several aspects such as method of delivery, percentage of training outcomes achieved, trainer proficiency, scope for types english, practical application, relevance to work activities etc.

These aspects can be grouped under various brackets such as trainer, work relevance, career development etc. depending on the desirable outcomes of the on summer vacation, training program Peer and supervisor surveys: After undergoing the training, the associate can consult his or her peers and supervisors to understand if the associated knowledge gaps have been clearly addressed. An associate’s work is as good as it is seen by his or her co-workers and the project outcomes. Written tests: Most trainings have an types of ap essays, online or written test for short on summer vacation, certification purposes. This is to ensure that the trainee has undertaken the training seriously according to types of ap english essays the expectations. Employee performance records and specific project outcomes : Projects could have specific outcomes that can be leveraged to measure the training program’s efficiency.

For instance, a candidate trained in a specific database technology must be able to help the company or its client migrate their systems to the new technology in a comprehensive and bug-free manner. Client and stakeholder reviews: If the company provides consulting services to clients or has stakeholders operating in a matrix environment, it is very important to seek regular feedback from them, as they are the eventual consumers of the employee’s work in many ways. This is extremely relevant, particularly in services companies where employees are more often than not in regular contact with clients directly.

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12 Ways To Make Your Resume Stand Out. For any given job opening, HR personnel and hiring managers are deluged with resumes. Since they donЂ™t have the time or resources to interview everyone, they are always looking for ways to weed out candidates as quickly as possible. In fact, some merely glance at each resume before deciding whether to toss it in the yes or no pile. So, it's imperative that you make those few seconds count. Here are 12 ways to make your resume stand out: 1. Incorporate industry keywords and buzzwords into your resume, but donЂ™t overdo it. Use words and phrases like a ccomplished, developed, managed, and team player in the natural language of the document, says Lisa Rangel, managing director of ЂњIf your resume makes it through the short on summer vacation filtering system, but it is evident to development, the reader that you were successful because of 'keyword stuffing,' the short essay vacation reader will feel you just gamed the types of ap english essays system and will place your resume in the ЂnoЂ™ pile.Ђќ. But executive coach Stever Robbins says using the right buzzwords sparingly doesn't guarantee you anything. ЂњYou could still end up in the resume black hole if you don't have sufficient differentiation once those keywords are met,Ђќ he says..

That's why it's important to follow the next 11 steps.. 2. Tailor your resume to the job. ЂњTune your resume to this specific role, with substantiating detail that shows why you are a great fit for the position,Ђќ says Laura Smith-Proulx, a certified executive resume writer and LinkedIn profile expert. One way to do this is by including all of your skills and experience that are relevant to the job you're applying for. 3. Use a modern, professional format. Short Essay On Summer. Format your resume so that it is pleasing to the eye but doesn't focus more on visuals than content. Here's an example of writing a nicely formatted resume. 4. Make sure it is error-free and easy to essay on summer, read. HR reps equate typos and errors with laziness, says Greg Faherty, a certified professional resume writer and dissertations, owner of essay Make sure itЂ™s perfectly polished and error-free Ђ” and donЂ™t forget to put the most important information on page one.. 5. Use a header.

Include a clear, hard-hitting statement at the very top of the resume that effectively defines who you are, keeping the specific position in mind, says Ann Baehr, a professional resume writer and founder of Best Resumes of New York. ЂњDo not use an objective. Think of it like a billboard.Ђќ. Baehr says the header is service uk a branding statement that is typically all caps going across the top of the page, usually sitting under your name and essay on summer vacation, contact info. Essays. (555) 555-5555 | 123 Main Street | GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST. 6. Keep things professional. Don't include negative information about previous jobs or employers. Don't discuss your hobbies or personal qualities or politics. Simply stick to your career facts. Essay Vacation. 7. Essay My Motherland. Include metrics. On Summer. ThereЂ™s no better way to demonstrate how youЂ™ll add to the bottom line or cut costs than to show quantifiable achievements, Smith-Proulx says. Uk. ЂњPlus, employers often assume past performance is indicative of future results.Ђќ.

Faherty agrees. He says a majority of resumes fail because all they provide are job descriptions. Vacation. ЂњThe HR rep knows the service uk basic duties of short on summer your job. What he or she wants to see is about my motherland how you made a difference to short essay vacation, previous employers. In a piece Marc Cenedella wrote for TheLadders earlier this year, he says you should always c ount the writing number of $ signs and % signs on your resume, and then double them. 8. Keep the on summer vacation readerЂ™s needs or industry requirements front and center. You need to know what they are looking for in your candidacy. Instead of and other essays developing your resume and then conducting a job search, it is wise to research the requirements of several opportunities to short on summer, get a sense for how you should be presented in terms of branding, focus, and keywords, Baehr explains. 9. Customize your resume to service uk, tell a story. Your resume should bring the reader through your professional experiences, accomplishments, skills, and essay vacation, knowledge.

It should show how youЂ™ve advanced over the years, and what you can bring to the table. ЂњMake your resume long enough to tell your story, but short enough to homeschool essay, skim in a single sitting, Smith-Proulx says. The key is short readability and relevance to the job youЂ™re targeting.Ђќ. 10. Don't overuse fancy fonts and colors. While you donЂ™t want to overdo it, you can use color in a conservative manner to types of ap essays, make your resume visually differentiated from the sea of short on summer documents the recruiter will review, Rangel says. For example, a subtle navy blue border can be very effective. These effects can draw the recruiterЂ™s eye to development communication dissertations, the document and make it stand out against the many black and white documents theyЂ™ve received, she says.

But know that using color on your resume is more acceptable and essay vacation, appropriate in some industries than others. 11. Make it longer than one page if it needs to be. Use the appropriate amount of space for your experience. ЂњIf youЂ™ve been in the workforce for 15-plus years, do not feel forced to trim information about your achievements to keep to an arbitrary one-page resume rule,Ђќ Rangel says. Essay Writing. Use what you need to, but do not make it unnecessarily long.. 12. Supplement your resume with a cover letter. About half of all HR reps say they won't even read a resume if the short essay on summer candidate hasnЂ™t submitted a cover letter. Types Of Ap English. So, unless the employer explicitly says they donЂ™t want a cover letter, write one. SEE ALSO: Top 9 Resume Mistakes To Avoid. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru.

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Create a Business with Your Art (Q#038;A with Ann Rea) Last week, I had the privilege of hosting a one-hour QA session with Ann Rea, a successful artist and essay on summer entrepreneur who is communication dissertations devoted to destroying the myth of the on summer vacation “starving artist.” Our audience members submitted so many great questions that had to do with how to and other review, turn a creative passion into a profitable business. Other questions from short essay on summer, our session included: What’s the best way to decide what to work on first if you have multiple interests? How do you price your products? Who should I market to first? I’m a songwriter but have not recorded, where do I even begin? There were plenty more questions during the webinar, and you can watch the recorded video above or read the transcript below. To learn more about Ann, visit her website:

Jonathan: Thank you for homework, joining us today at short essay on summer vacation, this Bplan’s webinar. My name is Jonathan Michael. I’m the Community Manager for We’re so excited to about my motherland, have you here today with us for short vacation, our question-and-answer session with Ann Rea. Ann Rea is on a personal mission to review, destroy the myths of the starving artist. She and her inspired business approach had been featured on HDTV, the Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, in Fortune, and the Wine Enthusiast magazines, and profiled in short essay on summer vacation, the book Career Renegade. Homeschool Essay Writing! She is a popular instructor on Creative Live.

Her artistic talent is short essay on summer commended by American art icon Wayne Thiebaud. She has a growing list of collectors across North America and Europe. Thank you for being here, and welcome. Ann: Oh, thank you very much, Jonathan. I appreciate the opportunity. Types Of Ap Essays! This is going to on summer, be fun. We surveyed a number of you and gathered wonderful questions, and a lot of them are commonly asked questions. That’s what we’re going to development communication, focus on today. Jonathan is essay going to feed me a question, and about my motherland I’m going to do my very best to answer it for short vacation, you. I’m a painter.

Let me just tell you this is really applicable to any creator, who is building a business. I’ve worked with other painters. I’ve also worked with illustrators. Essay Writing! I’ve worked with musicians, jewelry designers. Short On Summer Vacation! It’s interesting enough when I do speak engagements like massage therapist show up. Essays! I think if you think identity as a creator, and feeling a little bit of disconnect with the short essay on summer vacation business side, I am here to translate between the two worlds. Jonathan: Awesome.

Thank you so much for being here. Just for everybody who is in attendance today, we do have some questions that people have already submitted when they registered for the webinar. If you’d like to ask a question, all of our attendees are currently muted. The way you’re going to about my motherland, ask questions is on summer you will notice a questions tab with the webinar application. Service! You can write in your questions and essay vacation click “Submit.” What I’ll do is I’ll moderate those questions, and find great ones to types, pass forward to Ann.

Keep your questions coming all throughout today. I’ll do my best to get them all in. All right, we’re ready to short on summer vacation, start? Jonathan: Okay, let’s kick it off. Ann, the first question that I wanted to ask you today is and other essays review how do you further your art career?

Ann: Great question. Essay On Summer! First thing I do is question the question. Ann: Okay, because I don’t believe artists have a career. They don’t have a career. They have a business. Is There Homework In College! Why do I say that?

This is an important thing to understand. Essay Vacation! It’s a matter of perspective and is there homework in college mindset. The practical manner is this, if you had a career, you’d have a job, which means you get a W-2, you have a retirement plan, [inaudible 00:03:09] parking space. You don’t get a job as a fine artist or as most creators are writing…Even if you were a creator, and short on summer vacation you have a job, it’s usually a short-term gain. If you run things like a job, like if you have a career, you are not going to do what you need to do to build the of ap essays business and to make yourself marketable.

That’s the short essay on summer vacation first thing. It’s really understanding the difference between the two. We’ve been told that we have careers. We present resumes and essay about my motherland exhibition list. It’s really not relevant to a business. Really the best place to start is to short essay on summer, write a business plan.

Honestly, that’s what I did. Homeschool! That’s how I did it. Jonathan: Okay. Short! When you’re writing that business plans, lot of questions that came through today how to do with, how do I define my market, my niche, who do I market to? Bill Hunt brought that question. Ann: Great. Great question.

Yeah, a lot of artists will start with the service question with how do I define my niche, my market niche, or how do I find collectors, how do I find caterings or customer? You really can’t answer that question until you’ve answered other questions. Essay On Summer! I’m going to essay, break this down for you. The first question you really have to have a solid answer for is, what is short essay vacation your creative purpose? What’s your “Why?” Simon Sinek wrote this book, Knowing your why or something. The problem is we don’t often know how to get it our why.

You really do have to know why do you paint, why are you a photographer? Why are…It’s like…You go back, and that’s the answer. That’s the questions you usually answer like why I do this thing making music, this thing making painting, this thing making jewelry? You got to step back further from about, that. Artists are thought leaders. Short Essay Vacation! First and foremost, you have to know who you are and what you stand for. Who you are and what you stand for? That’s the first thing you really have to know. And Other Essays Review! Why is that relevant therapy find your niche? Because depending on essay on summer who you are and who you stand for, and also what you stand against, that will determine who is going to be your target market.

Who is going to vibe after you? Who is going to resonate with you? In answer to about my motherland, that question, you really have to know your “Why.” You have to know who you are and what you stand for. Then secondly, you have to short vacation, know what problem is there in essay writing, the world that you believe is really wroth solving. Now, that is the essence of every business. Every business solves the problem or alleviates the pain, and make no mistake, artists do the short essay on summer vacation same thing, if they’re effective, if they’re actually sustainable.

Then once you know your why, once you know your what, then you’ve got to answer your how. Your how is what’s referred to proofreading uk, as your unique value proposition. How are you going to solve that problem? Then that’s how you’re going to eat. That’s where you’re going to determine how you’re going to use your art to solve that problem.

Last but not least, who has that problem? Who are you going to serve? That’s your target market. Short Essay On Summer Vacation! There’s a process to essay about, this, but most people, most artists will start with the question, the third question, which is short essay vacation what is homeschool my unique value proposition, or they’ll start with the last question, which is who is short my target market? Ann: Really you have to follow this process. This is why planning is homeschool essay so important. It’s essential. Jonathan: Okay. From your experience as a successful artist, can you talk about how you answered those questions for yourself as an example so that we can see what that looks like? Ann: Yeah, I mean it’s a long-winded story. Short Essay On Summer Vacation! I’ll try to keep it really short and sweet.

My back story is that I went to essay my motherland, art school, and I graduated. I worked in design for a little while. Then I quit making art for over a decade. I didn’t draw anything. I didn’t paint anything. During that time, I developed some pretty severe anxiety, and depression, and insomnia. I went back to art as a means to essay vacation, quell my own anxiety. I had no intension of selling anything. Never mind.

I wasn’t even going to essay writing, show anybody anything. For me, what I realized it’s just a universal lesson that came from those painful times in my life is that most of the joy that we experience is by being in the moment, by savoring the short on summer vacation moment. What did happen was that as I started…I’d actually engage in what’s an act of homeschool essay writing, meditation while I was painting. Vacation! What was interesting is about my motherland when I did eventually start to show my work and sell my work, my collectors would say the same thing over and over short again. Essay About My Motherland! What they would say is when I look at your paintings, I feel like happy and short essay I feel very calm; happy and calm. Now, there’s a whole lot of people out there who need happy and essay calm. It’s a big problem if they don’t have it. You’d see how these things are start to winding together we know…We know who I am. Short On Summer Vacation! You know who I am now, right. You’d probably know what I stand for. Essay! Happy and calm is really important to me, because I didn’t experience it for a good chunk of my life.

Jonathan: Yeah. That’s excellent. Thank you for that example. Essay On Summer! Absolutely that’s a great story too. It’s great to hear from where you’re coming from. Tabitha cook brought up a question. Types Essays! You’ve got these talents you have and you’re trying to get it to be a profitable business and even just become a business. What’s the best way to decide what to work on short essay first, especially if you have multiple interests?

Ann: Well, again I may go back to what I said before. You have to first understand…First of all, Tabitha you won’t have this question. You don’t have this confusion of where to start with, if you understand your why. Is There Homework! You understand who you are and what you stand for. If you understand you’re what. If you understand what mission you’re on because if you understand what problem you’re trying to solve, then you will reach for the talents and vacation the resources that are going to more likely help you solve that problem.

That’s how you did…That’s how you will focus. That’s how you will absolutely gain focus. Is There Homework In College! When you gain focus you will gain confidence. I know that a lot of short essay on summer vacation, creative people listen, who I speak to not certainly not everyone struggles with focus and confidence. The two are linked. Proofreading Service! You’re not going to start with confidence. Confidence is going to come by focusing and essay taking action. Essay! Then you’re going to earn confidence. I didn’t start of confidence.

Remember I had anxiety attacks for on summer vacation, good chuck of my life, probably a mess. It is possible. It is review possible. That’s my answer to that question. Go back to essay vacation, that time to time again. And Other! You’ll notice pattern here. Jonathan: Okay, great thank you. We have a question from Samantha. She wanted to know how do you know how to price a piece of art or the work that you’re producing? Ann: Well, that’s a great question. It’s really hard to give any specific answers to essay on summer, you because I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know who your market is. I don’t know if your market’s over essay saturated. I don’t know how you reach your market. I don’t know what your sales goes are like. You could have something priced fairly and you could have great marketing but you’re…You can’t close the sale. The guidance I give in a general way around this is short vacation when people sell a house, before they sell the house they’re getting an appraisal. They look at similar houses in the same neighborhood with the same number of bedrooms. Maybe [inaudible 00:11:44] house has a pool and the other house that sold recently also have a pool. Dissertations! That’s a good…Really just doing an short vacation analysis of the development communication dissertations competitive landscape.

That’s the best place to start. That’s where you’d start. Short Vacation! Then what you do is you invent ways to add more and more value, and then you can add more and self-reliance more [inaudible 00:12:07]. Well, you can make the sale is easier or you can actually charge more. Ann: I hope that helps. Short On Summer Vacation! Hard to give a real specific answer to self-reliance, general, I’d say it’s like an appraisal when you go to sell your house. Just go look around for short on summer, similar work, quality and…That’s the best way. Jonathan: Yeah. Types! You mentioned that the need to plan and create a business plan to do that strategic thinking ahead of time. Essay Vacation! There’s been a couple of questions that I wanted to ask you regarding that, which is how do you create a business plan or how do you build the plan especially, when your sales for homework, your art are either commissioned or they happens sporadically. It’s not anything that happens on a consistent weekly basis.

How do you build the plan around that? Ann: You absolutely can build the plan around that. Vacation! Just because you sell something via commission versus ready-made, it doesn’t matter. If it’s happening sporadically, that’s a really good indication that you need a plan because you can have…You can build…You can write a plan and take focused action so that it’s happening consistently in your [technical error]. You need a plan…You absolutely need a plan and communication a goal too. Let me just back up with…My business plan was completely half-baked, I’m going to tell you right now.

I didn’t know what I was doing. On Summer Vacation! I didn’t. Proofreading Uk! Perfectly happy to tell you I didn’t know what I was doing. Here’s what I did, no I wanted; I knew that I wanted to make a $100,000 within the first year. Then I backed in right from there. I was like, “Okay. Well, how the hell can I do that?” I’m just swore on LivePlan, sorry about that. Jonathan: We could add later.

Ann: That was like…Then truly was my first requirement because I just moved to on summer, San Francisco. It’s hell of self-reliance and other review, expensive here. It’s more expensive now. Then I…That was the short essay on summer vacation goal…Everything had to work towards this end goal. Is There Homework In College! That’s how I did it. I think that’s a good place to essay on summer vacation, do it. Like to determine how much money do you want to essays review, make at a minimum and short on summer work backwards. Jonathan: All right. Thanks for that answer. Yeah, let me pull up another question here.

Doug Belding had an essay interesting question. He asked what tactics in short vacation, today’s market place can get a new artist entrepreneur to be a stand out aside from their body of essay writing, work. Ann: I’m not sure you really understand that question which says stand out? Jonathan: Is there something that you need to do, because maybe your art or you want your art to essay on summer, speak for itself, but I’m wondering … Ann: Okay. Development! Hold on. Hold on. Short Essay On Summer! Okay. I want to start right there. Art speaking for themselves, what the hell does that mean? I am so tired of using meaninglessly…Meaningless and foggy terms that we through around and assume everyone knows what the hell you are talking about. Speak for homeschool writing, itself, what does that mean?

Nothing…What does that mean, speak for itself? Look here is the short thing, selling art sucks, let me tell you all right now, it sucks. It does, you don’t want to sell art because you are not talented enough and is there homework in college I am not talented enough, really I am dead serious. Short On Summer Vacation! What you want to essay about, do is you want to create value of above and short on summer beyond your art itself, and that’s what you want to sell, what’s what you want to lead with. If you want to sell art for art sake, you need to find yourself a gallery, and good luck doing that by the way, people are getting paid by the way. If you don’t want to bother with any of this, then it just want to make, what you want to make, when you want to make it, how you want to is there homework in college, make it with no thought or consideration to what value it provides for a target market, then you got to find yourself representative and I…God bless you, I hope you do, I don’t think you will. Jonathan: Okay. Those are some tough words, now… Ann: The reason I am so passionate and short essay vacation tough about this, Jonathan, is because artist are injured by is there in college living under an illusion that somehow magically discovered one day, that’s a lie. That’s a big, big lie, it looks like, I mean think people think I got discovered, trust me no one discovered me. I worked my ass off, and on summer vacation it was very deliberate and I was very strategic and I was very clear that it wasn’t about communication dissertations me and it wasn’t about my career process or my artist statement.

It was about short essay on summer how I serve the target market and service uk that’s how I got paid and essay on summer that’s the only way you will get paid in this life. I can make this argument by looking at artist throughout history but truly I am being, these are like…It’s like tough love, it’s so if you are living under the illusion that somehow you get discovered, please don’t believe it, it’s not true, even if…I actually have the homeschool essay art…Actually have the contract for American Idol. Ann: Oh, yeah I do. I’m supposed to essay, have it, it’s illegal for me to have it, but I have got it. It’s intend…It’s basically you have to sign away everything and it’s a denture servitude. About! Actually, a friend is a very talented vocalist and he showed it to me and short vacation I am like…He said, “They called me back for the audition.” I am like, “You can’t go. And Other! This is verbal.” Like all his modeling money, you could have to give it to them you can’t…It didn’t work, it was ridiculous. Short Essay On Summer! That’s what discover…That’s what getting discovered looks like signing over your life. Proofreading Service Uk! These are not scenario.

Jonathan: Okay. Short Essay! If it’s not this illusion that your art has to speak for itself and things like that, correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think that you are saying that as an english artist you can get away without having a unique voice and a unique style is that right? Ann: Absolutely must…Absolutely, yes but that is not enough. Let me give you an analogy. Jonathan just pretend you are interviewing me for a job, okay. Ann: Just pretend. I am not wearing this on t-shirt, I am actually all dressed for the job right, I have a very nice briefcase, I look like a great candidate, just pretend right. I still have to got to short on summer, answer your questions. Ann: If I said you are mute…if I said you are mute, that would be speaking for myself, would you hire me just based on me sitting here, looking like I am ready for the job without ever, without me ever speaking.

Jonathan: No I would definitely want to see what you know and what you have done. Ann: Right, if I could indeed add value to your organization. Ann: If I would be able to solve the essay about problem that you have on your team or alleviate…Problem or alleviate a pain that you have been coping with in your organization right…You have to be able to speak to that very directly and convincingly…Apart. Jonathan: We are clear you need a style, you need a unique voice, you’ve got…That has to be displayed in the work that you produce but then beyond the work that you produce you as a person communicating. On Summer! What it is? The problem that you are solving and and other review things like that especially with the new medium out essay, there, being able to get your voice out and present them more to people. How much does that play into communication dissertations, it of putting yourself in the forefront? Ann: It’s huge, it’s like every business, it’s not…Selling art is a business, it’s a big, big business and it’s not…It doesn’t…It has a same requirement for success like any other business whether you are…If you are plumber, if you are a tree trimmer, it’s all you still have to…Here is a…You still have to short, master, you have to master your craft or master your trade or master your expertise.

No matter what business you are in, that is the minimum price of self-reliance and other, admission. Vacation! Of course you do. Of course you need to understand your craft, your trade, your expertise or product line; absolutely. In College! After that, the engines that are going to drive the business are going to be sales and marketing and there is no business on earth that doesn’t have to master sales and marketing. You want to sell, you have to understand sales and marketing.

Jonathan: Okay, I am going to come back to Doug’s question on on summer vacation this because perhaps maybe this is what he was trying to development communication dissertations, get at is okay I have got the work that I have created and I want to take that next step of short essay vacation, going out into the market place but I know that there is essay my motherland some things that I need to short essay on summer, do to put myself front and center, do you have a couple of tactics that you would suggest of where an proofreading service uk artist can go to essay vacation, put themselves out there. Ann: Well when you say put yourself out there. That itself is another one of those foggy terms that confuse people, put myself out communication, there, get exposure, art speak for on summer vacation, itself like those are all like creepy, hard to understand phrases. In College! I am going to bring it back, I am going to bring it back and say what’s this gentleman name, who have bravely asked the question? Jonathan: Doug, although I am probably butchering the question.

Ann: Doug. Doug, I would say what’s your “Why,” who are you and what…Who are you and what you stand for right, look let me give you a real life example, it’s called LivePlan right. Ann: Do you think that art establishment a group of gallery organization is going to wind here for me? Do you think they would ever put me on a damn webinar, I mean ever in a million years? No. They wouldn’t because I stand against the scarcity and permission based art establishment. I know who I am and I know who I stand for and I know what I stand against. I am going to essay, repel those folks. Development Communication! That’s fine. See, you got to know who you are and what you stand for short, Doug that’s the homework first thing and that’s the on summer vacation really important thing. It’s more important in the case of homeschool essay, a creative and that means graphic designers, illustrators, jewelry designers, they really have to know who they are and what they stand for because their product, their art is a reflection of themselves, okay.

It’s much more important, Jonathan, I don’t feel like the CEO of your company. They really need to know as much I mean they do have to understand their values, but they don’t really have to essay on summer, know as much, they can still sell the software without having a really strong sense of self right. That’s the first thing, Doug. Then secondly, okay, then now that you know who you are and what you stand for what problem is there in the world that is worth solving, what mission are you on? Let me give you an example, I will give you an example of one of my artist’s clients, because I think I am…We’ll be explaining this in a way that’s too abstract. I am going to give you a very practical and relatable example. Ann: It’s a young woman in Memphis, Tennessee, who is a children’s portrait painter. When she first came to me she was called herself a portrait painter. I said, “Well, what kind of portraits do you paint?” She said, “Well, I paint portraits of adults and children,” I said, “Hold on. Proofreading Service! Okay, let’s niche this down. Short On Summer Vacation! Do you like painting portraits of children?” Yes.

Now why did I asked her that, I asked her that because what I was thinking is, if little Johnny gets a portrait, little James going to need a portrait right, so that’s going to immediately pour opportunity for another for more work right. Well, if you just keep Jonathan now, he is probably not going to get another portrait done, he is probably going to be done. That was my thinking there. Types Of Ap! It’s more strategic. When we delve into case in a world and found out who she really was and short on summer vacation what she stood for, she realized that. She looked at the most painful times in her life and the most joyful times in her life, and she realized through examining those points of view that when she was a child, when she felt really loved and really cared for was when her parents were just delivering unconditional love, when she felt, really, really disfranchised and a lot of pain. She wasn’t part of the click. She wasn’t one of the inn girls. We daunted on her…It was really important…It was really important to her a mission she decided to go on was to come up with a way to essay my motherland, value children for who they are, to value, just value their individual worth for who they are just who they are.

What does that portrait do? It values you for who you are. Her mission…She doesn’t just paint the portrait, she actually gets down on her knees. Short Vacation! She plays with these kids. She really understands who they are, their personalities, their interest. Essay! They have their little…These are little beings who actually have distinct personalities. Short Essay Vacation! She reflects that in the portrait. When she talks about types english essays her…She never has to sell her portraits because I told, selling art sucks remember?

I told you that. Ann: What she does, she just talks about on summer vacation her mission, which is true. English Essays! Yeah, she just says I am really…She talks about a mission, she the one really just on her children for short vacation, who they are and celebrate their worth. She talks about, how she arrived at that and by the time she is done talking about that, people are freaking…She has got eating all of development communication, her hands because they are so inspiring by this mission. Vacation! It’s authentic.

There is nothing about it that is copy written in advance or somehow strategy this is truly who she is. That’s the example of how you sell art without selling art. Jonathan: That’s great, from types of ap english essays, your experience and maybe you want to answer the question in general to…The question that I am having from short essay on summer vacation, all of this is okay so I have got my art, I got it ready to go, what’s my next step, who am I talking to next. Ann: You got the cart before the horse, Jonathan. You got your art and is there in college you are thinking that’s your starting place. You have a body of work and what’s my next step. What I am saying is short essay you…You have the carpet for communication dissertations, the horse, you are in the middle. You need to backup two steps. Let’s go back to Kate as an example.

She knows who her ideal customer’s avatar is, if you are not familiar with that term, that’s like the persona of her favorite buyer, a collector. She knows that her values match her customer’s values. She talks about her values. She got like family values. In that value of family, a value of family is very important to her particular target market. She talks about that. Essay On Summer Vacation! If you are starting with your art, you are like you…You just your choice is tied together. You have to backup and know who you are, what you stand for and who you, who…What problem you can solve and whose got that problem, we look at Kate, right. Those mothers who commission these portraits, their biggest worry is self-reliance that they are going to somehow screw their kids up. Truly she circumvent them, and vacation their most concern that they are not going to love their children well enough, and they are not being patient, they are not being loving enough mothers because they are so hairy at doing things.

Having a portrait of their child is development a way to really honor and celebrate that child and express love and appreciation for short on summer, that child, that’s how Kate solves the english problem…That’s their inner angst that they are very, very concerned about vacation that. Jonathan: Okay, let’s talk about reach though. She had her target market defined. How did she reach them, was it online sales or she gong to…Fairs and events, and setting up her boots. What does that look like? Ann: Great question. Number one source of business is referrals, which is self-reliance and other essays usually the essay case, but we all got to start somewhere, right, so you start with…I’m not going to uk, tell you where to short vacation, start because my suggestion is you start…You start with the fastest path of cash. Self-reliance Review! A lot of artists that I’ve talked to, say that people have expressed interest in a commission but they didn’t want to essay vacation, do it, because they didn’t know how to handle it.

Go do it. Do it and essay writing mess it up. Just go do it and so that’s the first thing Jonathan it’s like if there’s someone that’s already expressed interest in your art and essay on summer you hadn’t followed it up and I’m not kidding when I say that. Dissertations! Then make a list of those people who have expressed interest and start with them. Ann: Or maybe if someone said to you…I love what you’re doing and I know so and so would love what you’re doing. Essay On Summer! I’d like to introduce you at some point. Essay About! Well, follow up with that person and make that introduction happen. That’s like the easiest quickest way to start. Ann: With your existing network and short essay opportunities that you are having back in your head commit them to writing.

Make yourself a list and service prioritize them like who is the short on summer vacation hottest lead here on this list, who is it and…Who is warm and who is cold. That’s number one. Just start with where you are today…That’s only development dissertations that…That’s a really important and powerful concept to remember. Short Essay! You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be just start with where you are today and of ap english essays don’t measure yourself against on summer vacation someone else don’t…You’re just going to proofreading service uk, be a massive case of anxiety and short on summer angst and everyone starts somewhere. I started somewhere. I started nowhere. I was nowhere, so please remember that, okay? Ann: Then look at your existing network obviously online we got so much potential to service, connect to people but the problem that happens is you’ve got all this wonderful social media channels and short essay vacation ways to engage. You need to have something to say that’s compelling. Ann: Right?

It’s like going to a cocktail party and and other essays review not having anything to say. You don’t know how to engage in a conversation. You don’t really know how to essay on summer, introduce yourself. You don’t know how to ask questions or take turns in conversation. Obviously social media is about a really great way…Having an online presence, but people…I don’t know…People buy art mostly in person, especially if it’s expensive, if they’re going to buy off your websites usually going to short on summer vacation, be a second purchase. It cannot be a…Depending on…This depends very much on price point and the product.

Don’t get all upset…If you’re selling on online, good for essay, you…It depends like…I’m talking about expensive stuff it’s going to require some hand holding. The more expensive it is its going to require hand holding and sharing the on summer vacation same air. Ann: That means going to events or hosting events yourself…Talk shows or open studio events. I’d invite people to my place here at the beach when I started out. Served them cocktails and communication [inaudible 00:33:25] and short essay on summer vacation most people didn’t buy a damn thing, but a few did and it was worth it. Jonathan: Okay. Lynn had a question and it dovetails into homework, a question that Jaden has as well. Short Essay On Summer! Lynn wanted to know how do you handle the businessy stuff like building a sales funnel, selling, managing clients?

Then Jaden’s question is, do you recommend getting the manager to kind of handle some of that stuff for you, make those connections? What are your thoughts on that? Ann: Well, let’s keep it real. Self-reliance And Other Essays! You’re never going to afford a manager until you get a certain point of success. Ann: Let’s just keep this real. There’s no like long line a manager is waiting for short essay on summer, a jobs to service, work for artists who aren’t making enough money to on summer, pay them. You got to…You got to be become success on your own first, then you can hire a manager. Yes, so you can’t really…You can’t start with a manager. Development Dissertations! There’s no manager.

I don’t know where they are, but I’d love one. I don’t know…That’s a false…It’s one of those false notions, right, like get a manager. You’ve got…The first thing that’s…The first thing a manager may let’s say work on a percentage or a gallery is going to ask you is, “How much have you sold?” How much is…Or they’re not going to take you on. On Summer Vacation! Sorry, you’re going to have to master this and guess what it’s actually fun and interesting. Dissertations! Now the other question was about how I managed the essay business side? Jonathan: Yeah, like did you have to do it all from the homeschool essay scratch on your own?

Did you get help from people? What did it look like? Ann: Well, so wherever I could get help I got help and especially yeah definitely, so one of the ways that you can get help is through like Elance and oDesk. Right? It’s pretty cheap. Short! Another way is writing you can get help like trading for services, bartering, I’m not going to get into the tax implications of that, but I did a lot. I did trades a lot when I first started. I traded for hair salon services, I traded for acupuncture, I traded for massage, I traded for so…I traded anything I damn well could trade for. I traded for graphic design, website design…People who would like really loved my art but wouldn’t normally buy it were…Because they didn’t usually buy art they were great…They were great prospects for giving a trade. I did it dollar for dollar trade, and I kept it all in writing because I didn’t want to lose my friendships in essay, a relationships with these people. I wanted the boundaries to be very clear.

That’s another way that you can do it. Here’s a thing you don’t have to do everything at once. Homework In College! All right, just take it one step at a time. Essay Vacation! The one thing that’s a big hazard is feeling overwhelmed. Uk! If you got plan however, especially a living plan you can take things you can chunk things out and do things in a logical sequence. It’s very difficult to do that if you don’t have it written down and you don’t have…You’re not keeping up with it, very, very difficult.

I don’t think you can do it actually. Jonathan: When you were building your business plan…Now, this ties into a question from short essay vacation, Sarah, is there a business plan outline that you think fits well for proofreading uk, artists…Where did you land on your search? Ann: Well, I have a plan and short on summer I’ve a one-page plan. Uk! It’s not as anywhere as in-depth as life plans. I don’t know if I can mention that or not, but I feel if it’s proper then you can send out the link, but you’re all welcome to that. Vacation! That is a good place to…It’s actually artists who strive to launch the plan, but you can’t stop there.

That’s just to get things out. You have to go to the next level and that’s where you have to keep iterating that plan, and that’s just the bare bones of it. That’s why a product like live plans keeps you engaged in planning. It’s not the plan, okay, it’s actually not the plan, it’s the about planning. Does that make sense? Jonathan: Yeah, I think it does. Ann: Do you think it matters? Of course you do. Jonathan: I think it does, but let’s explain that to short essay on summer, all.

Ann: [Crosstalk 00:38:07]. Service! You got to start every week by looking at short vacation, your plan. It’s like a…You say a plan is not a road map it’s a compass. Let’s just look at this analogy, right? Ann: Lets say I want to go from San Francisco to New York City and I have never taken this journey before in essay, my life right and that’s like wanting to go from 0 to a $100,000 in one year. How the hell am I going to do that, right? Ann: Well, what’s going to happen is I’m going to essay, make progress…Let’s say, I get across Nevada or I will…Now I may have to look at my map again to see if I’m pointing the right direction and proofreading service I still point to vacation, east towards New York or am I going towards Alaska now right so you have to look at your plan and see where you’re positioned in the map. You also have to essay, take this…One thing about short planning is proofreading uk you look at your situation as it is short essay on summer vacation today…What are those six things I need to homeschool essay, do today, right. Then you also want to be able to take a step back and look at your plan and essay on summer your position on that plan or on that map from like a 30,000 mile view to proofreading, see where you’re tracking. Short On Summer Vacation! We got to zoom in and out.

That’s my best analogy I can give you, but it’s really important. Bottom line is is there this…When you think about the short vacation act of writing something or trying to articulate something…When we write we find out what we know and what we don’t know. That’s important too, but not being able to answer questions is…It’s great news. Right, I don’t know what my target market is. Great, so then you can ask the question, “Well, then how do I find out?” Ann: You’re not going to have all the answers at proofreading service, once, but planning will help you provide those answers over time and those answers will also change over time. Jonathan: Yeah, that’s great. Short Vacation! Thank you. Jonathan: That is okay. We have a question from Marilyn John, she wanted to essays review, know how do you stay motivated when you’re art is good and maybe you’ve had people compliment that its good, but it’s not selling. What keeps you motivated in that situation?

Ann: Yeah, you take some compliment and deposit them in a bank, Marilyn, I know that. I know that feeling. I’m going to address this. Okay because this gives artistes a lot of short, consternation. They get gushing compliments from people and then those people don’t buy and then the artist feels like…Their family thinks somehow okay. Let me give an analogy…A lot of people here at San Francisco drive those Tesla cars and types of ap essays I think they’re really beautiful and I think that they’re…I like that they’re so well-engineered, but no matter how much money I had I am never going to…I am never going to spend a $100,000 on short vacation a car, because if you live in San Francisco you’re bumpers going to get dented. I just wouldn’t do it. Right, so I admire that car.

I think it’s a beautiful car. I respect the types of ap english engineering, but I’m not going to buy it. I’m never going to short essay on summer vacation, buy it…Those are those people who give you the essay writing compliments but don’t buy your stuff. Just take the compliments as an assurance that you’re doing something right. Ann: You just never found your target market and essay on summer you probably haven’t found your…If you have found your target market you’re not addressing their pinpoint. Let me just say, Keith Bradley the portrait painter who I referred to earlier, a lot of proofreading uk, those people didn’t know that they needed their children’s portrait painted. They never felt it and it never occurred to short, them, but when she presented it as hey, this is a way to actually celebrate your child’s individuality. Self-reliance! Take pride in short essay, it and acknowledge them, like…It’s a junior portrait. Jonathan: Yeah, that brings to a question from Sabrina Booth, I’m glad she brought this up because it kind of ties into what you were saying earlier with thinking through that people that you’ve already talked to, who have shown some interest in your work.

How do you take an enquiry and then convert it to in college, an actual sale? Ann: Well, that’s a big question. I wish I could talk to her directly, like what really delve into the question so I can ask questions about the questions to make sure I understand it. Ann: Because I apologize everyone and maybe answering the question and it’s not affectively answering what you typed in, but…That’s such a big question because how do I sell something. It really…The question is how do I sell something and that’s as big of a question as how do I market something. Short Vacation! Right, I can’t really answer without knowing the specifics, but I will tell you this…As in the general world people buy, generate most of your business. Types Of Ap English Essays! Because they already trust you, right, so you already got number one…You’ve already got that box checked if you got a referral. Really, anything I would say about essay on summer selling and this is as a general notion is this just really having a conversation…A guided conversation. You want to find out about, if you could help them or not and this is why understanding what you’re solving is so critical. If you can’t help them then you let them know you can’t help them and then you end that conversation before you waste time…Your time and their time. Its just really that’s a very, very different philosophical approach than using test closes and closing the short vacation deal, so its about having guided conversations and then I also will add you got to ask.

Just come right on say, is this something you’re…Can you picture this on your wall? Do you like wearing this…Do you like the way that bracelet feels? Do you want to take it home with you? Would you…I offer free delivery…Would you…If you’re interested in buying this today, I can offer free delivery and installation. You sense it there’s not interest which you almost have to make them mental note, when you’re just starting to sell to remember to ask for proofreading service uk, the sale. Jonathan: Yeah, I think that’s a good point. Short Vacation! Can I tie into something that I want to ask you about to is maybe what’s holding back somebody back from writing, doing that is the fear of either rejection or the fear that they don’t know how if they can represent themselves well. How do you handle fear? How do you get past it?

What’s worked for short on summer vacation, you? Jonathan: What was that? What do you say? Ann: Fear is always going to and other essays, be there. It’s always going to be there and short essay on summer you can’t ever get rid of it, so don’t fight it, just say hello to it. And Other Essays! Say, “Hey, [inaudible 00:45:52] fear. Short! I feel like I’m sweating, I can feel it. I feel the hair is raising on the back of my neck.” Feel it.

You’re going to feel fear. It’s okay. It doesn’t prevent you from saying, “Are you interested in self-reliance essays review, buying this?” You can just…I think spear of fear just causes more damn fear. Short Essay On Summer Vacation! It’s actually anxiety. That’s actually would cause…I’m very familiar with it. Ann: You have to just feel the fear and do it anyway, and homeschool writing it’s very…It is more fearful for an artist to ask for the sale because it’s personal. I’m telling you, if you will take, if you will start selling art, I mean it, start selling your art and look for essay, ways to solve the of ap english problem, you’re not going to essay on summer vacation, have a problem to find, you’re not going to have a problem asking whether or not you can solve the problem. You’re not going have a problem with that. You’re going to want to do that because you’re actually going yourselves someone’s problem.

Jonathan: I think what might be helpful to types essays, is to recognize that you’re going to make mistakes that does happen. You might mess it up. [Crosstalk 00:46:57]. Vacation! You might feel like you lost that sale, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking and you’ll find that as you continue to ask you’ll get better. Is that right? Ann: Yes, there’s a phrase…I don’t know who came up with this phrase, but when it comes to like sales and losing sales, you’re going to lose more sales and essay you’re going to have it closed by short essay on summer vacation a huge percentage, and the phrase goes, “Some will, some won’t, so what next?” There’s really a provision to take. It’s okay. Essay! There it’s okay. It’s a number’s gain, and essay it’s not personal. I mean, when the last time you went to a shoe store and you didn’t buy those shoes, wasn’t a personal rejection as the sales person know it all.

You just didn’t want the shoes. They didn’t fit you. They weren’t you’re style; you didn’t feel like shopping that day. It really is in college that you don’t lose sight of essay, this. We have this illusion that the art is an extension of ourselves. Our relationship to english, our art that’s true. When the buyer comes around, it’s just a product that they do want to buy or they don’t want to buy. It’s not personal if they reject it, if they don’t want to buy it. Jonathan: That’s interesting. I haven’t thought of that before, but that makes a lot of sense. On Summer! It helps from an self-reliance essays owner’s point of view to short on summer vacation, recognize that, and stop seeing it is is there in college a personal rejection which might take a little bit of time to realize that.

It sounds like it’s worth it. Ann: If you get into short on summer, this place for you really understand what problem you’re solving because just they wanted to happen…You’ll be selling…Remember when I said you don’t want to sell art, selling art sucks. You want to create value above and beyond the art and sell that. If you’re focused on that, you’re not actually selling your art anymore. The example with Kate Bradway, she’s not actually selling portraits of children, but she’s actually selling it’s an opportunity to a parent, usually it’s a mother to celebrate and to knowledge their child’s individuality, and they’re worth of their individuality. It’s an opportunity to love that child for who they’re, just as they are. That’s a powerful promise.

Product promise isn’t it? Ann: A lot more probable and engaging they’re trying to and other review, sell portrait. Ann: It is in fact that’s what actually happens and short essay it’s…These portraits get unveiled of is there in college, these children and the parents often like tears, well, she loves it when the dad’s cry in particular, really … Ann: I want to emphasize, you have to be authentic because people will smell it. This system really be authentic. If it is it, it will work.

Jonathan: Tony asks a question that I think ties well into this. Short Vacation! He said, “Is art is abstract?” Jonathan: He’s having trouble knowing how to communicate? How that solves a problem? Maybe you can speak to that. Ann: Glad you asked, Tony. Love it. Okay, so let me give you another example of someone who’s selling art, but not selling art, okay? This artist I worked with, her name is Jenny Nikki, let me explain who she is and what she stands for first of all. Her why? When Jenny Nikki was in her early thirties, she was married, had two children and she was given a diagnosis of cancer and given 50-50 chance to live.

Okay. Uk! As you can well imagine she was very scared, and her heart was bursting because she didn’t know if she was going to be around for her children, so on short essay vacation the way that she responded to self-reliance and other essays, this stress by the way she’s an essay vacation abstract painter. That’s why I’m talking about Jenny Nikki. Ann: She went into her studio and she started painting, abstract paintings to her children. Basically, she’s “I wanted to english essays, make stuff, so I can leave something behind because I really know I was going to be around.” I thought, “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to short on summer, act, so this is what I’ll do,” and that’s what…I said, “Oh that’s interesting. It sounds like you were basically reading a legacy of love to your children.” She said, “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I was doing. I said, “Well, what will be interesting Jenny?” She said, “Why are you doing that?” She said, “Because I realized that I needed to tell them that I love them and show them that I love them. I need to and other review, show them that I love them in short essay on summer vacation, case I didn’t make it.” By the essay my motherland way, she’s like five years cleaned. She’s very healthy. Ann: Yeah, she’s doing great, so I just thought, “Ooh, this is awesome.

I got idea.” Then what happened next was I said, “Oh, my Gosh, Jenny, so many people have this problem. The problem is they don’t people and realize that they love them, and why they love them.” Talk about short pain, that’s a fake big pain as humans have, right? Ann: What if you actually sat with someone, and you ask them like she did this. She did this with the groom and is his bride-to-be. She sat with him and proofreading said, “Tell me the essay vacation reasons you love her.” He wrote a list with Jenny.

He started crying which is great because it’s I have this phrase, “Watch him cry, make a buy” which means touch their heart. Development Communication! They will just…That’s what art does. It touches your heart. He went through this process with her and then she took those words and she was all blubbery too. It’s fantastic. Then, she created this painting. It was an abstract painting that was inspired by this love list. Then what happened was the wedding party actually paid the commission, and essay on summer Jenny came to self-reliance, the wedding reception unveiled the painting. The bride starts crying. The groom starts crying.

Everybody in the reception starts crying. Jenny gets much referrals. Ann: Jenny gets you where this is. Short On Summer! This is really is…This is made of…This is Jenny’s real circumstance. Essay About! She knows who she is. Jennie knows what’s important in her life.

That’s what’s important. Short Essay On Summer Vacation! You find out what’s important when you face death. She knows who she is and what she stands for. Does she resonate with everyone? No. Essay About! Does her abstract style and essay vacation abstract painting resonate with everyone? No. Is There Homework! Doesn’t matter.

She knows how to connect with retarded market though. Essay! She knows how to help them. She can solve a problem. She can alleviate pain. She doesn’t have to sell any more damn abstract paintings, which is development no fun. There’s too many abstract paintings. You’re not talented enough. I’m not talented enough. Jonathan: When we talk about this, it’s like so far we’ve used painting an essay on summer artist sells the example which makes a whole lot of types of ap, sense because you’re … Jonathan: You know a lot of short essay, artists, but…[Crosstalk 00:54:26].

Exactly. Do you have examples for types essays, how musicians who’ve done this? How photographers have done this? Ann: Yes. I only know example of a musician, okay?

Musician who is…He was in Whitney Houston’s first music video. He grew up in the Baptist church in a thoughtful tradition just like Whitney did. He tried for short essay, many, many years to make it, to get signed by a label and blah, blah, blah, things you do, right? Hold on. You’re a Gospel…I’ll explain to essay, you what you’re doing.

I said, “You are Gospel singer.” He’s like, “Oh, I can’t use the word Gospel, it’s not marketable.” I’m like, “Well, first of all Mister, you don’t really you haven’t been a master of marketing yet. Let’s just go back and believe where they’re and where we stand for,” because that’s why your strength lies, your authentic self. What happened was fast forward. Short Essay! I was just trying what he is homeschool essay doing now. He went back to essay vacation, the Gospel tradition, and types of ap essays we created this concept of something that’s called “Voice Church.” It’s a reflection of a term called “House Church” and in the Christian community in the South; they gather and short vacation have church in people’s houses. What he does is types english he goes to short on summer, people’s houses and he actually conducts a gospel sing along. In that tradition, you actually sit or stand in in college, a circle and it’s called a response.

Everyone can sing. Short On Summer! You don’t have to know the words. He calls, and essay then people say in response and people have a flipping blast, it’s like karaoke, where you don’t have to short vacation, get drunk. It’s like karaoke. You don’t have to proofreading service, believe in Jesus or God. Everyone’s welcome.

Everybody comes from every whether they have religious orientation or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s a way to gather people and they feel so joyful, and they feel so distressed after doing one of these same circles. Short Vacation! You see what probably solving, he also give you a damn excuse to have a very compelling and writing memorable party. Ann: At the minimum, that’s a minimum value proposition. People are so happy and they’re lit up at the end of this. Essay! He is going back to who he is and of ap english what he stands for. He knows that people are very afraid of singing.

There’s an African proverb winch he has on his website, “If you could speak, you could sing.” Most people when you ask that if they could sing, most go “Oh, I can’t sing. I sound like hell.” He gets over all that in the singing circles. There’s also a huge barrier for a lot of people. That’s an example of musicians. I can’t give you like…If you type into the chat box I’m a musician how can I make a good living? It’s a hell. I can answer you without digging in deeper. You can ask some of these questions to yourself. Look for what characteristics, what experience, what skills, what resources do you have above and beyond your art. Short Essay! That’s where I encourage you all to look, but for real I would less than an hour from my country.

That’s like people are bunch of very affluent tourists, so write down the road there, so that’s why so they’re all panting veneers. Jonathan: That helps, that definitely helps. Ann: That’s fantastic for sales, not every circumstance, but many. Jonathan: Yeah, I guess that you’ve taken one thing away from today’s webinar. It’s that alcohol helps sales. No, I’m just kidding. Ann: Auctions at english, art gallery receptions. Short Vacation! They’re serving and it’s like always serve it. Ann: People connect with their emotions and their impulses when their…I’m not suggesting you all become…You create a bunch of losers. Review! I’m just saying, it is an actual strategy that is used for. Let’s not pretend that is short on summer used.

Jonathan: Well, that’s about the time that we have for questions. Thank you everyone for my motherland, submitting your questions and. Jonathan: Thank you for your time. I wanted to follow up just real quick you’re a course instructor, you do have this course about short essay on summer making money and making art. Jonathan: You have eight courses, so I’m going to do, I’m going to paste the link in here into communication, the chat window for everybody. I mean, just do that real quick. Okay, so that’s the link and you wanted to offer 10% off for the course if people include this with LivePlan. [Crosstalk 00:59:34]. Ann: If you copy Jonathan’s T-shirt…Let me just back up. Essay Vacation! I actually teach something called, “The MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester.” Enrollment is about not open right now, but there is I’m accepting applications the next “MAKING Art Making MONEY Semester” and you can go to this link, and apply. Ann: Yeah, there’s an apply link, but if you can navigate towards that I think.

Well, actually you can anyway. If you put in, there’s a place at the very bottom of the applications as, “Where did you hear of us the essay vacation very first time?” If it was “LivePlan” just type in Jonathan’s T-shirt “LivePlan,” and you will receive a promo code that will extend a 10% off, and that’s in types of ap essays, neighborhood of $200. Ann: Get your take. It’s actually valuable, and that’s just because you all showed up. See what happens when you show up. Jonathan: Yeah, thank you. Just as a note because a few people have asked in about seven days or so, I mean, I sent a follow-up email to essay, everybody who attended, everybody who registered for the webinar, is going to include a recording of this conversation that we had, and I’ll definitely include the link to of ap english, Ann’s course with the essay on summer discount, so you can get that there as well. Dissertations! Yeah, once again, Ann, thank you for joining us today. Thank you for short vacation, all of your great answers. Development Communication! Thank you everyone for short essay vacation, coming and submitting such great questions. i br?i?ng i?n 8?5 dollar?s h?ourly worki?ng o?nli?ne fro?m yo?ur h?om?e. i ne?ver th?ought tha?t i?t wa?s p?ossible b?y worki?ng thi?s j?ob, bu?t m?y go?od frien?d i?s maki?ng te?n thous?an?d dollar?s o?n mo?nthly basi?s a?nd s?he sho?wed m?e, ge?t mo?re d?etails b?y following li?nk o?n M?y profi?le.

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Compare and Contrast Essay: Try These Simple Tips to Write Your Essay. The main tips on how to short write a winning compare and contrast essay. If you feel you need assistance, contact us and we will write a great compare and contrast essay for you! What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay? Unlike other types of essays (see top 10 essay types), a compare and contrast essay is used to explore both the similarities and in college the differences between two subjects by short vacation, comparing and/or contrasting them against each other. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline. To serve their particular purposes in an effective manner, a compare and contrast essay must communicate in an efficient manner. About My Motherland? This means that compare and contrast essays should start with an short, opening paragraph, which will directly state what the writer is trying to say. Afterward, they can move onto the body, which will support the opening paragraph by providing supporting evidence. Homework? Once the supporting evidence has been listed, compare and contrast essays can conclude by reemphasizing their opening paragraphs in order to produce a lasting impression on the mind of the reader. With that said, a compare and contrast essay cannot be completed without conducting a comparative analysis, which the writer can use to lay out their thoughts about the vacation subjects before sorting them into a neat and organized form.

Fortunately, this process is as simple as creating a Venn diagram (see below) before filling it with the self-reliance essays review characteristics of the subjects, while making sure to put shared characteristics in the overlapping area. Once the writer is satisfied with their brainstorming, they can sort through the characteristics for the ones with the most relevance to the point that they are trying to make, which is short on summer important because weaker arguments can actually drag down their stronger counterparts when placed in the same essay. How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. How to start a compare and contrast essay? Students are normally assigned a topic to write on, yet sometimes professors give their students the freedom of is there homework in college, selecting the topic on vacation their own.

In the latter case choosing one out of top compare and contrast essay topics can become a challenge. While working on the topic selection it is important not to self-reliance and other review choose two totally unrelated subjects, otherwise finding similarities can get problematic. Start out with a subject that has some basic similarities, e.g. two novels, two paintings, speeches etc. Looking for the things to compare and essay contrast? Here is a list of top 30 compare contrast essay topics: TOP 30 COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY TOPICS. Once you have chosen what to write on is there in your comparison essay, brainstorm ideas and try to write down every single one of them, choosing those that are relevant to the topic. You might want to divide your sheet of paper into essay vacation two main sections and start jotting down everything that comes to your mind, including similarities and differences. An effective technique for finding similarities and differences is using a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram is a scheme that represents logical relations between two objects. Essay About My Motherland? Graphically it can be depicted as two overlapping circles, each of the circles denoting some entity.

The overlapping part is the area denoting similarities, while the short vacation parts that do not overlap, are the differences (see Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Venn Diagram: Comparing Apples and Oranges (Compare and Contrast Essay) A very important point in and other review, writing an essay on summer, effective compare and contrast essay is a correct selection of the lines of comparison: if you are comparing two objects, you should be comparing them against one and the same parameter. For example, looking at the picture above you will see that oranges and apples are compared in regards to things like origin, place of growth, a thickness of peel etc.

All of these features are inherent in is there, both objects. If you say that an apple is different from an orange because an short essay, apple is green and about the orange is juicy, you will be “comparing apples and oranges” this time in the figurative meaning of likening two incomparable things. Organization: Typical Structure of a Compare and Contrast Essay. The opening paragraph should state the essay’s subjects as well as its thesis statement about those same subjects. From that point on, the body of a compare and contrast essay tends to be structured in one of two ways: The first way: a writer can list the characteristics of one subject and then the short essay on summer characteristics of the other before bringing them together by analyzing their similarities and differences. This means that the homework in college body of the essay will begin with a number of paragraphs about vacation, one subject, continue with a similar number of paragraphs about the other subject, and then finish with a crucial paragraph that will use the listed characteristics to compare and contrast the two subjects. The second way: a writer can list the similarities between the subjects and of ap english essays then the short essay differences between the same.

This means that the body of the essay will begin with a number of writing, paragraphs about short, their similarities and finish with a number of paragraphs about their differences. With this structure, there is no need for an analysis at the end because its content is self-reliance review spread throughout the preceding paragraphs. Another mode of organization, although less common, is called block comparison. According to this pattern, you will be required to separate the body of your compare and contrast essay in short essay on summer vacation, two parts. The first part of the body will be dedicated to Object A, while the other half will be centered around Object B. Together with the introduction and the conclusion, the overall essay length will be 4 paragraphs.

In case of block comparison the overall essay structure will take the following form: Once the essay about my motherland body of the essay is complete, its conclusion should restate the thesis statement but in short essay vacation, a more confident manner because it has proven its point. Sometimes, a conclusion will summarize the preceding paragraphs for homeschool, a bolder and blunter emphasis, while other times, a conclusion will let them provide their support in essay on summer vacation, a more implicit manner. HOW TO WRITE A COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY. Additional Tips on proofreading service uk Comparison and Contrast Essay Writing. Fig. Short Vacation? 2. Development Communication Dissertations? Comparison and Contrast Signifiers. An important thing about writing any essay is essay on summer using special cue words that will make your essay more coherent and logical. In the case of a compare and of ap essays contrast essay you will need to use cue words signifying comparison, for example: Words to short on summer compare: like, compared to, similar to, similarly, by analogy, likewise, in the same way, as well as, both, too, at the same time, correspondingly, in addition, same as, etc. The cue words signaling contrast are:

Words to contrast: unlike, conversely, however, nevertheless, still, although, while, but, even though, although, despite, yet, regardless, on the one hand one the other hand, etc. Once the first draft of an of ap essays, essay is essay on summer vacation complete, it is time for the writer to put the finishing touches: Proofreading is a key factor because errors can break the homework in college reader from the flow of the essay, thus robbing it of its power to persuade. Writers should always read through their own work to check for short on summer, typos, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, as well as lines that should be rephrased for a better result. However, they should also get other people to proofread for them because their closeness to their writing can make it hard for them to pick up on its problems. After all, they already know what they are trying to uk say, meaning that they are not looking at their work with the same perspective as the reader. References are a useful way to increase an essay’s power to persuade so long as they are appropriately authoritative. For example, referencing a politician is probably not going to short essay vacation be much use in a philosophy essay unless it is in the context of their philosophical writings. Furthermore, references are needed to types essays use someone else’s arguments without taking credit for short, them in development communication, the process, which is necessary to prevent plagiarism.

Not coincidentally, this also makes it easy for the reader to check the sources so that they will know, that somebody really said so if the essay reader is skeptical. Finally, references should be done in the style that is appropriate for the essay’s subjects for the convenience of different people in different fields. Development? For example, most essays about the sciences should use APA, while most essays about the humanities should use MLA since those are the conventions. We are essay writing experts, meaning that we are ready to help those who are interested in essay on summer, learning more about compare and service uk contrast essays as well as essay-writing in general. All you need to do is visit the order page and short on summer fill it out - we will start working on it immediately, notifying you on the order progress. To write a winning cause and effect essay you should have a thorough understanding of the of ap subject. If you need help with it - contact our professionals. A Comparison essay is an essay in which you either compare or contrast a specific feature/set of features between two essays. 30 Powerful Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Full List 2017. Here is the list of top 30 powerful compare and contrast essay topics for essay vacation, free which will help you choose the essay one you really like! Get inspired!

Enter your email address to receive exclusive members-only discounts. We can certainly adhere to any guidelines sent to us; we have a vast experience in writing papers on on summer vacation almost every academic topic out there. After an order is placed, the guidelines and example can be uploaded for the writer to look at, as well as any other material you wish to provide. Starting August 2006 we have launched a module that checks any custom paper that we produce for plagiarism, be it a dissertation, coursework, thesis or a simple 5-paragraph essay. We utilize latest technologies of web search to detect plagiarized materials and guarantee 100% authentic custom written research papers. The procedure is as follows: whenever the writer uploads a completed paper to the control panel, our system starts an automatic plagiarism check in the background. The paper is separated into small blocks, called patterns.

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No, our papers are never resold or published anywhere else. Unlike many of and other, our competitors, we do not own or operate databases of essays and dissertations. We think it is highly unethical to put reputation of our customers under question. The time-frames are specified by our customer. However, we recommend to place the order for vacation, as much time as you can allow as it is not only about writing the paper but about the researching relevant materials as well. University level, Bachelor's refers to is there the academic level to short on summer be written.

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